Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou Raw Deadlifts 400-Kilogram (881.9-Pound) Double In Training

The king of the overhead is expanding his range to heavy pulls.

When it comes to overhead events, there is currently an undisputed king in the castle. Strongman Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou of Burkina Faso holds the current axle press world record of 217 kilograms at the 2021 Strongman Classic and the world log lift record of 229 kilograms (504.8 pounds) and the 2021 Giants Live World Tour Finals, beating the previous record held by four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Žydrūnas Savickas by a single kilogram.

Iron Biby is expanding his range with several upcoming elite strongman contests he’ll compete in later in 2022. Check out his 400-kilogram (881.9-pound) raw deadlift double on a stiff bar at an outdoor gym in the video below, courtesy of his Instagram page.

He wore lifting straps, a weightlifting belt, and accomplished both pulls in socks. Notably, his second lift involves several hitches to get the barbell to lockout — a legal maneuver in strongman, both of these reps would undoubtedly be considered good lifts in competition:


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In Giants Live strongman contests, deadlift for reps events usually provide an approximate weight of 360 kilograms (795 pounds). That weight was used for the Car Deadlift at the 2022 WSM contest. The weight for the KNAACK Deadlift at the 2021 WSM contest was 345 kilograms (760 pounds). So pulling 400 kilograms (881.9 pounds) on a stiff bar, no less, is quite the impressive feat of deadlifting strength.

At the 2021 World Deadlift Championships, where athletes deadlifted equipped, six athletes locked out 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds) — a competition best for Evan Singleton and Oleksii Novikov. It seems well within the range that Iron Biby could match or eclipse that if he strapped in a lifting suit and gripped a standard barbell, given how a stiff barbell moved in his video.

Iron Biby is officially on the roster to compete at the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals on Oct. 8, 2022, at the OVO Hydro arena in Glasgow, Scotland. However, he will first step back into the competitive area on July 9, 2022, at the 2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. It would be shocking if anyone could best Sanou in overhead events, and it seems like Sanou could challenge for the top of the podium if his deadlift is improved to that same level.

Featured image: @ironbiby on Instagram