An Inside Look at Zydrunas Savickas’ Trophy Room

The 4-time World's Strongest Man champion has 260 trophies from competition!

Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania is easily one of the most decorated strongmen in the history of the sport. His 29 year strongman career saw him compete in over three hundred competitions and acquire two hundred and sixty trophies.

Here is a rundown of some of the victories Savickas accumulated over his career:

  • Finished in the top two of World’s Strongest Man (WSM) ten times (four wins and six runner-up finishes).
    • 3-time Europe’s Strongest Man champion.
    • 15-time Lithuania’s Strongest Man champion.
  • Placed first in six Giants Live events including the 2017 World Tour Finals.
  • Won the Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC) eight times (never missed the podium in twelve ASC appearances — two runner-up and two third place finishes). Additionally, he won:
    • 2012 ASC Europe.
    • 2014 ASC Brazil.
  • Placed first in thirty Strongman Champions League competitions.
  • Won the International Federation of Strength Athletes (IFSA) Strongman Championships twice. Additionally, he won:
    •  2005 IFSA Strongman European Championships.
    • 2005 and 2007 IFSA World Team Championships.
    • Six IFSA Grands Prix.
  • Winner of five Log Lift World Championships (2008-2013).
    • 2-time SBD Log Lift Champion.
    • 2018 European Log Lift Champion.
  • 2007 World Strongman Challenge winner.
  • A Fortissimus win (2009).
  • 2018 Strongman Baltic Cup.
  • 2019 European Team Strongman Cup.
  • 2017 Masters World’s Strongest Man.

Phew! And there are a lot more.

Check out part 1 of Savickas’ tour of his trophy room below courtesy of his YouTube channel:

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The first stop in the tour is the largest collection of Louis Cyr trophies (for winning the ASC) in the world. Savickas has eight of them each weighing 18kg/39lb.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger was my idol. First time when I came to the Arnold Classic competition, my plan was to win and get the trophy from Arnold.” 

Savickas continues the tour through the rest of his trophy room which consists of trophies won in competitions across eighty countries. He shares his affinity for trophies with designs akin to the log lift as that event was a forte of his — he has set seven log lift world records including the current world record of 228kg/502.6lb at the 2015 ASC Brazil.

Part 2 of the tour has not yet been filmed and will only happen if part 1 receives ten thousand likes. At the time of this article, it has thirty-three hundred.

Savickas can be seen currently as the official referee for the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS)’s “Feats of Strength” series. The next episode is tomorrow June 13th and will feature Rob Kearney attempting a new American record log lift.

Feature image from Zydrunas Savickas’ YouTube channel.