How To Watch Rob Kearney’s American Record Log Lift Attempt

Kearney will attempt to break his own American record with a 215.5kg/475lb log lift.

On Saturday June 13th, strongman Rob Kearney will attempt to break his own American record log lift of 214kg/471lb with a 215.5kg/475lb lift.

The lift will be featured in the sixth episode of World’s Ultimate Strongman’s (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series that just saw Rhianon Lovelace set a new lightweight Atlas Stone world record this past weekend.

It will be viewable on several more platforms than previous episodes in the series including via ESPN. The only other episode covered by ESPN thus far was Hafthor Bjornsson’s heaviest deadlift of all time of 501kg/1,104lb.

The lift will take place at 12pm EST/5pm UK/8pm GST.

Here are the four ways you can watch Rob Kearney’s American record log lift attempt:


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This will be the second time in WUS’ “Feats of Strength” series that a log lift is the main event. The first was Luke Stoltman’s world record log lift attempt where he came up just short of breaking Zydrunas Savickas’ 228kg/502.6lb record from 2015. Alas, the new WR wasn’t secured.

Kearney first secured the American record log lift of 214kg/471lb at the 2019 Log Lift World Championships in Leeds, England, where he placed second.

Previously the American record was Robert Oberst‘s 2015 lift of 211kg/465lb, which stood for four years — quite a reign in the world of strongman.

Two days ago, Kearney performed his last heavy log lift before this weekend — a gigantic 214.5kg/472lb press. Check it out below via his Instagram page:


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That lift was only 1kg/2.2lb under what he’s attempting this weekend. If he can hit it, his named will be etched into the record books for a second time.

Feature image from World’s Ultimate Strongman’s Instagram page: @worldsultimatestrongman