Rhianon Lovelace (-64kg) Hoists a Massive 141kg/311lb Atlas Stone for New World Record

She hoisted a 141kg stone over-the-bar and put her name in the history books.

This past weekend, the 2018 World’s Strongest Woman Rhianon Lovelace set the new lightweight (-64kg) Atlas Stone world record when she lifted a 141kg/311lb stone over a four foot tall bar in the United Kingdom.

The successful lift was the main event of episode five of the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) “Feats of Strength” Series, of which Lovelace was the first female athlete featured. It was 2.2 times her competition bodyweight. 

If you did not get a chance to see it, you can watch the full lift below courtesy of Atlas Endurance’s Instagram page:


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“Honored to be given the opportunity to be the first Female Athlete of World’s Ultimate Strongman, hopefully opening doors for more Strongwomen and future athletes coming through.”

Lovelace was scheduled to make three attempts: the first to break the world record and then two more to further it — a 151kg/333lb and a 161kg/355kg Atlas Stone. Her she was unable to lift the 151kg/333lb stone and therefore did not attempt the 161kg/355lb lift.

“Proud of my fight with the 151kg, but it wasn’t to be today. Just adds fuel to the fire.”

If “adds fuel to the fire” means that Lovelace will attempt to break her own record in the near future, she may just go for the all-time women’s Atlas Stone world record. The current Atlas Stone world record in the open (82+kg) division is only 6kg/13lb heavier — a 147kg/324lb lift by Donna Moore from the Rogue Record Breakers event at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival.

This latest world record is another added to the already extensive resume of Lovelace who also holds the lightweight axle press world record (92.5kg/204lb) and the lightweight deadlift world record (260kg/573lbs).

The next episode in the WUS “Feats of Strength” series will feature Rob Kearney who will attempt to break the American record for the log lift — 214kg/471lb — that he currently holds.

Feature image from Atlas Endurance’s Instagram page: @atlasendurance_