How to Fix Your Weakest Strongman Movements

You can’t be great at everything, but you certainly can get better. Everyone has their least favorite movements and those are usually the ones that do not come naturally. There are a number of techniques you can employ to improve and you may surprise yourself by becoming a master of them.

Use Video Both Ways

The internet has changed everything, including how we learn everything. While instructional videos for strongman didn’t exist 10 years ago, now you have multiple choices for each event. Couple that with contest footage of the best in the sport at your fingertips and you can become a great student of the sport. In the comfort of your own home, you can watch the pros show you how, over and over again. Break down how they move, pick and carry, and attempt to replicate their movements. Once your brain understands how to do something it will become easier to do.

Next, begin to tape yourself performing the event every single time you do it. Review it personally and compare yourself to how it should be done. Then ask someone better than you to break down your performance with brutal honesty. You need help to grow in all aspects of your life and being able to accept criticism is an important part of the journey.

carrying a weight

Never Avoid the Problem

If there is a movement you perform poorly, the last thing you want to do is avoid it. Instead try the opposite approach and embrace the event in your regular routine. A great time for this is during the off season when you have a long break between contests. Lower the weight and attempt the event a few times per week as part of your regular routine.

After six to eight weeks you should have acquired adaptations in your central nervous system that make it easier to perform the movement. This alone will increase your overall comfort level and desire to do the activity.

Program to Support the Event

Maybe you are not the greatest stone lifter in the world, a very common event that you will need to be a well rounded strongwoman. Make sure you are performing movements during the week that will directly contribute to aide the stone load. Stiff leg deadlifts, bent over rows, and hyperextensions will add to your ability, not only to pick and load the stones but to increase your overall ability as a strength athlete. By planning smart sessions instead of “fun” gym time, you will do yourself a huge favor.

Tune In and Become Focused

I am a huge believer that your mental state is going to be the defining aspect of your success. I have written about how training in silence can be more effective when performing difficult movements.

I also believe that your ability to handle discomfort can be a game changer when it comes to placing well at a contest. Working on these two mental states will decrease your fear of a tough event and enable you to begin thinking about it in positive terms. Just the thought of “I hate the Conan’s Wheel” before you train it is going to impact your performance. Instead visualize yourself doing well on it before the event and say out loud that you look forward to the challenge and you will do better than last time. Stay calm when approaching the bar and even smile a little. A positive mental attitude goes a long way.

No matter what the obstacle the correct way to overcome it is often to go through it or over it. The way around it can lead to getting lost along the way so embrace the challenge head on and with tremendous force. By going at it 100 percent you will be amazed at the awesome results you experience.