Strongman Kevin Faires Scores New Dinnie Stone Walk World Record of 31 Feet, 7 Inches

Faires is unstoppable in grip-focused events.

Strongman Kevin Faires‘ grip is the second coming of Mark Felix. On March 5, 2023, at the 2023 Rogue Record Breakers event in Columbus, OH, featured in the Arnold Sports Festival, Faires took to the stage to attempt a Dinnie Stone walk to break the previous world record he set in the event in 2022.

The mark Faires accomplished previously was 25 feet, eight inches, nearly one year ago to the day. The Dinnie Stones weigh a total of 734 pounds but are not even weights in each stone. Taxing the midline simply to lift them is a feat of strength that is worthy of recognition. To carry them to a world record distance is remarkable — and that’s exactly what Faires did.

Check out the video below, courtesy of the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel, wherein Faires achieves a new Dinnie Stone world record, walking them a staggering 31 feet, seven inches:

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In 2022, Faires’ Dinnie Stone world record was accomplished via a single lift. The rules at the RRB, however, are that the athlete may drop the stones and re-lift them to continue their heat as long as they are within their time cap. It appeared as though Faires cleared his previous world record in his first lift, but he had time to make a second attempt to add to his total distance.

Once he crossed the line indicating his previous world record, he appeared to stand still, holding the stones, and communicate with the judge to confirm that he had, in fact, bested his previous distance. The crowd may have wondered how much farther he could have traveled had he just kept walking.

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Regardless, the effort was the best the world has ever seen and Faires was awarded a $5,000 check for his run. When asked how he felt about his accomplishment, Faires mentioned how it would be difficult to beat it again next year, but his mindset was already focused on how far he will take those stones after another year of training.

Featured image: @kf_strongman on Instagram