Kirill Sarychev Bench Presses 240kg For an Easy 6 Reps

Meanwhile in Mountain View, California, some of the strongest powerlifters in the world are competing at the WRPF Boss of Bosses V powerlifting meet taking place at Dan Green’s Boss Barbell Club. Day one of the meet took place on Friday, and day two is currently going down as we speak. If you’re interested in watching any part of day two, then we’ll embed the live YouTube stream at the bottom of this article.

After the two-day action packed meet, Boss Barbell Club will be hosting a powerlifting seminar on Sunday featuring all-time world record holder Kirill Sarychev, and that brings us to the topic of this article. After watching day one’s competition, Sarychev wanted to get some lifting in himself and decided to hit a casual six rep 240kg/528 lb bench press.

In Green’s Instagram video highlighting Sarychev’s bench he writes, “After Day 1 of #BossofBossesV helping @sarychevkirill “catch a pump” with 528 x 6 reps (240 kg)
Then I advised him that arching your back is bad for you”

Oh you know, nothing to really see here, just Sarychev catching a bench press “pump” with what many athletes consider a strong deadlift weight, while being spotted by “The Boss” himself. Honestly though, this set doesn’t surprise us that much, as Sarychev is arguably the best bench press athlete in the world and we’re used to seeing him hit mind blowing bench press sets.

And if you didn’t know, Sarychev currently holds the all-time raw bench press world record for super heavyweight athletes with an absolutely massive 335kg/738 lbs press, which he set back in November 2015. On top of the world record, this was also a feat that awarded Sarychev with the heaviest ever raw bench press of all-time.

For those interested in watching Day Two of the Boss of Bosses V powerlifting meet, then be sure to check out the YouTube embed below!

Feature image from @dangreenpowerlifter Instagram page.