Larry “Wheels” Williams Is Redefining What Volume Training Means

With less than three weeks until his first bodybuilding competition, Larry “Wheels” Williams continues on a volume based strength training warpath. His first bodybuilding competition is set to take place on February 3rd, and will be the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in California. Williams is well-known on social media for his crazy strength, but as of recently, his training volume has been the star of attention.

His latest bench video may be one of his most impressive sets to date. Yesterday, Williams highlighted a video of a 315 lb bench for 40-reps. Were they the cleanest reps by a competition’s standards? No, but there’s no denying that this is a crazy amount of volume for 40-reps at this weight (and yes, we know Kirill Sarychev has done 440 lbs for 18-reps).

Honestly, the best way to describe this video is how Reddit user mywifemykid titled it on the r/bodybuilding subreddit. “Larry Williams doing more Larry stuff.” Now you may be wondering, what is more Larry stuff?

If you’re new to Williams, then you’re in luck because he’s been posting a ton of volume based training videos lately, and we’ve included some of his most recent below. Also, we mentioned it above, but he’s prep for a bodybuilding contest, so more than likely he’s training with less than optimal energy levels. If you’re ready to get lightheaded, read on.

Moving off the bench and into the squat rack, check out the video Williams shared a day ago highlighting a 500lb squat for 20-reps. We got queasy just watching this.

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And we know Williams has an insanely strong deadlift, but what can he do reps? Four days ago, Williams shared this video highlighting a 686 lb deadlift for 11-reps. After the fifth rep, we even felt the back pump.

And if that wasn’t enough back volume for you, check out the 508lb deadlift for 20-reps video below. Williams’ Beats by Dre headphones couldn’t even take the volume and fell off halfway through the set.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Williams’ places at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic. If anything, he’s probably one of the most strength-based conditioned competitors who will be on stage.

Feature image screenshot from @larrywheels Instagram page.