Kirill Sarychev Works His Cardio by Bench Pressing 440lbs for 18 Reps

At what point do you consider a lift to become cardio? 10-reps, 12-reps, maybe 15? What about an 18-rep bench press with 200kg (440 lbs) on the bar, because that’s what Kirill Sarychev just lifted. It’s even more insane thinking about what RPE 440 lbs is for Sarychev’s bench, maybe a 5 or 6?

Most lifters dream of the 4-plate (405 lb) bench feat, but this weight is just part of Sarychev’s warm-up. This is one of the many reasons why Sarychev is often argued as having one of the strongest raw bench presses in the world.

The 18-reps weren’t paused, but they were never out of control with an exaggerated touch and go. Sarychev controlled the weight so well throughout the lift that halfway through I was starting to question if they were even real plates.

While we’re on the topic of Sarychev bench pressing for cardio, let’s not forget the time he benched 240kg (529 lbs) for 10-reps. Like the 18-rep video above, Sarychev performs these 10-reps with an incredibly smooth tempo. To top it off and we think to prove a point, he holds the final rep to show his true bench power.

If you’ve followed Sarychev’s powerlifting career, then the above videos will probably come to no surprise for you. He currently holds the all-time world raw bench press record, which he set at the 2015 SN Pro Strong Expo with a 335kg (738.5 lbs) press.

What might be the most impressive part of Sarychev’s lifting is how smooth he can make a world record look. The 335kg bench is the highest raw press ever recorded in formal competition with calibrated plates. Yet, throughout the whole press there’s never a point when Sarychev slows down or showed any possibility of missing.

When it comes to raw bench press strength, there’s no doubt Sarychev has one of the best presses in the world. The real question is, who can or will match his strength? 

Back in February, Eddie Hall went on record saying he could claim the bench press record if he formally started training for it. Currently, the World’s Strongest Man is Hall’s biggest priority, but it is an interesting thought. Could Hall one day take Sarychev’s raw bench world record?

Feature image from @sarychevkirill Instagram page.