Kirill Sarychev Lifts World Record Raw Powerlifting Total At 2,386.5 lbs

In Kirill Sarychev’s powerlifting career there isn’t too much he hasn’t done. He’s set multiple records, started his own powerlifting federation (WRPF), and has become a major influencer in the powerlifting world. This past weekend Sarychev went 9/10 at the SN Pro Strong Expo and set a new WRPF world record total, which you’ll find in the video below. 

November 15-20th were the dates of this year’s World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) World Championship, which is part of the SN Pro Strong Expo held in Moscow, Russia. The WRPF World Championship hosts a large amateur competition and features pro athletes who are invited to come break world records for entertainment purposes. This year featured powerlifting greats such as Yury Belkin – who deadlifted 927 lbs beltless at a bodyweight of 237 lbs – and Dan Green from the United States.

Among the above featured pros, Sarychev — the owner of the WRPF — completed the big three in hope to hit a new world record total. Upon completion of his lifts, Sarychev ended up setting the new WRPF all time raw world record with a total of 1,082.5kg (2386.5 lbs) for the super heavyweight division. This new total is larger than that of Ray Williams who held the previous record of 2,378 lbs, which he set in October of this year.

Of course, they’re competing in different federations with different standards when it comes to range of motion and drug testing, so it can be a bit like comparing apples to oranges; also, Williams lifts in USAPL/IPF competition and has to walk out his squats, whereas Sarychev used a monorack. 

Both lifters completed their epic totals raw and without knee wraps — just knee sleeves and a belt.

Sarychev recorded some monster lifts to claim the record including a 360kg (793.7 lb) squat, 320kg (705.5 lb) bench, and 402.5kg (887.4 lb) deadlift. It’s important to note that Sarychev completed four squat attempts, which some federations allow if it’s for a world record like Sarychev’s was.

On top of now owning the world’s biggest super heavyweight raw total, Sarychev also owns the all time raw world record in the bench press. He recorded this record at the 2015 SN Pro Strong Expo, where he put up a ridiculous 335kg (739 lb) raw bench, which had a pause and perfect form. It’s safe to say, Sarychev may have one of the best executed bench presses in the world.

With the creation of the WRPF and now holding multiple world records, Sarychev is definitely leaving his lasting mark in the powerlifting community.

Feature image from Jim Bob YouTube page.