Yury Belkin Crushes a 927 lb Beltless Deadlift

Every year the World Raw Powerlifting Federation organizes a World Championship, which is part of the SN Pro Strong Expo, held in Moscow, Russia. This year the expo took place November 15-20th and included an amateur competition, along with the promise of pros coming to break records. Yury Belkin was one of the pro athletes invited to lift for entertainment purposes at this venue, alongside other powerlifting greats like Dan Green. Belkin’s new feat of strength involves a 420kg (927 lb deadlift) at a bodyweight of 103kg (227 lbs).

This deadlift is 4.08 times Belkin’s bodyweight and sets a new WRPF raw deadlift world record, which Belkin already had. Did we mention that Belkin was beltless and made this pull look incredibly smooth?

There can be a hard case made for 2016 being the year of deadlifts. It seems like this year alone we continue to see the most ridiculous pulls month after month, and not just from one athlete, but from multiple. Such as Samantha Coleman deadlifting 600 lbs, Eddie Hall pulling 500kg (1,100 lbs), and Yury Belkin’s initial 2016 world record pull of 921 lbs at a weight of 223. 

Another highlight from 2016 and Belkin’s crazy year, was this past August at the Boss of Bosses 3. This event had the best 220 lb powerlifters including Dan Green, Kevin Oak, and of course Belkin, going head to head to claim the all time total world record.

Every lifter recorded impressive totals, but Belkin came out on top with a WRPA all time world record 975kg total in the wraps & without wraps category. Over the course of the meet Belkin recorded a 370kg (814 lb) squat, 230kg (506 lb) bench, and 395kg (869lb) beltless deadlift.

2016 has been quite the year for Belkin and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this ridiculously strong athlete. If Belkin continues to break records like this, we may need to update our, “Heaviest Deadlifts of All Time” infographic to add him in — he’d be by far the lightest athlete to make that list!

Feature image from Power Mafia YouTube Page