Ray Williams Hits First-Ever 1,000 Pound Raw (No Wraps) Squat in Powerlifting History

USA Powerlifting Nationals are currently underway in Atlanta, Georgia, and on the last day of competition, history has been made. Super Heavyweight and reigning World Champion Ray “Ray Ray” Williams has hit the first-ever raw 1,000+ pound squat in IPF/USAPL history.

The lift? 456 kilograms, or roughly 1,005 solid pounds. It’s the first 1,000 pound squat in competition history held to IPF raw standards — no squat suit, no knee wraps, and the lifter has to unrack and walk out the weight themselves. (Knee sleeves are allowed).

A video of the massive lift is embedded below, courtesy of our friends at 9for9 Media.

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We’ve seen Williams hit 1,000 pounds before in training, but to do it on the competition stage — in primetime, with hundreds of spectators in attendance — is nothing short of extraordinary. The nearly 400 pound lifter hit solid depth and showed great control throughout the lift, and there’s no reason to think he won’t be good for even more in future competitions.

It’s an unofficial World Record as well (by 18kg, a record Williams currently holds), though he’ll need to break the 1,000 pound barrier again in international competition in order for it to stand beyond U.S. shores.

For now, Williams can be proud of his astounding American record — just as soon as he’s done benching and deadlifting for the day.

Another angle of the lift is embedded below.

Featured image: @9for9media on Instagram