Chris Duffin Squats 1,001 Pounds for Three Reps

He’s in his own elite version of the 1,000 Pound Club.

If you listen to the BarBend Podcast (available on your podcast source of choice), then you may have heard the episode with David Thomas Tao interviewing Chris Duffin. In that episode, Duffin mentioned that he had a goal of squatting 1,000 pounds for reps. He’s no stranger to manhandling a grand because he was able to deadlift 1,001 pounds for two reps in 2016. If he were to squat the 1,000 pounds multiple times in one set, he would likely be the first person to achieve both feats of strength.

Duffin’s long pursuit of this lofty goal came to a strong conclusion on Saturday when he finally achieved the feat. Of course, like everything else that has been affected by the current climate, there was concern that he would be unable to make the attempt at all. It was originally set to take place at a conference in San Diego, California, but the “Mad Scientist” would ultimately settle for taking his shot at the Kabuki Strength Lab in Clackamas, Oregon.

Nonetheless, he had trained to peak for this day and he made the most out of the opportunity that he dubbed #GRANDGOALS. With four spotters at the ready to assist if necessary, Duffin squatted 1,001 pounds (454 kg) for a triple. The event was livestreamed on YouTube and he later posted the video in the Instagram post above. There was no word on how many people were in attendance but you could hear cheers from whoever was there to watch him achieve his goal. The bar he used appeared to be a Duffalo bar.

While this was not a part of any sanctioned event, he is still very likely the first person known to both squat and deadlift 1,000 pounds plus for multiple reps. He shared his thoughts on the feat in the caption with the video clip.

“Despite all the uncertainty in the world and our lives right now, I set out on a clear and defined path 4 years ago. A path to do something epic, to inspire, and to raise money and build awareness for causes I believe in. It was a major battle for me in the last year to pull off the last portion of this goal. With where my body, mind, and health are…there was no way of repeating this training cycle again after current events pass. It was now or never. With the original event at IHRSA in San Diego shutdown along with everything else, we adapted to the changing circumstances. I was going to finish what I said I was going to do. Commitment, perseverance, victory. It’s how I live my life and hope to inspire in others. If you are going to talk the talk, you must walk the walk or your words are no different than the sound of the wind. Words can’t accurately convey how challenging this training was mentally, physically, or emotionally…but I can say I’m proud to have finished things on my own terms. Yeah, it’s not recorded in any record books anywhere, but I don’t give a rat’s ass… my goal was to be the first person to deadlift and squat 1000+ lbs for reps. I did it, and no one can take that away.”

Comments from people in powerlifting as well as other genres like heavy metal music chimed in to offer their congratulations and support.


“That was worth the weight!” – Mark Bell

“This is really incredible. Congratulations, Chris.” – Sebastian Oreb, Strength Coach

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Featured Image and Video: Instagram/mad_scientist_duffin