Samantha Eugenie Smokes a 195kg Deadlift Double At 17 Years Old

We have a feeling this is only the beginning for Samantha Eugenie!

If there’s a young up and coming powerlifter to keep your eye on in the -63kg weight class, it’s Samantha Eugenie. 

Two days ago, 17 year old Eugenie shared a very impressive video on her Instagram page highlighting some huge PRs from her last squat, bench press, and deadlift (SBD) day. In her video, she shares that she finished with top doubles for all three lifts and hit PRs in every single one.

In her Instagram post’s description she writes, 

DEADLIFT PR 1Γ—[email protected], 17 yo -63kg. Same day as my PR squat!!!

SBD training :

Check out her smooth deadlift double below!

Besides moving big weight at the young age of 17, what might be most impressive is Eugenie’s growth over the last calendar year. Thus far in her career, Eugenie has competed in two international meets where she’s ended up taking home first place in both of them. 

Most recently, she competed at the European Classic Championships that took place in late November and brought home first place in the women’s -63kg sub-junior class. She totaled an impressive 435kg, which was a sub-junior world record (sjwr) and her lifts consisted of a 160kg (sjwr), an 85kg bench press, and a 190kg (sjwr) That’s three sub-junior world records at one meet that only took place a month ago!

Then rewind to June, and she brought home another first place at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in the women’s -63kg sub-junior weight class. Mind you, this was her first major international powerlifting meet. Here, she totaled 420.5kg/959 lbs, which was a sub-junior world record at the time, and squatted 155.5kg (sjwr), benched 85kg, and deadlifred 180kg (sjwr).

If we’re looking at the numbers alone, it’s pretty easy to see how fast Eugenie is growing in the sport. Her latest SBD day tops and ties her best sub-junior world records from the European Powerlifting Championships. At the age of 17, we have a feeling she’s only getting started!

Feature image from @coeurlymonster Instagram page. 

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Jake Boly

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