Watch -63kg Powerlifter Prescillia Bavoil Squat 185kg for Three Reps

Prescillia Bavoil has been making some serious gains since IPF Worlds!

French powerlifter Prescillia Bavoil is known for her killer celebrations after big lifts, and most of the excitement is very well earned. This week, the -63kg athlete shared a video of her squatting 185kg or 407.8 lbs for three reps. While this video didn’t have quite the same enthusiasm as her massive deadlift PR earlier this year, it still deserves all the praise.

Moving this kind of weight (double her bodyweight mind you) for a triple is pretty insane. She’s the current bronze medalist in the -63kg weight class at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships from earlier this year. At the World Classic Powerlifting Championships, she squatted 188kg, bench pressed 100kg, and deadlifted 202.5kg for a 490.5kg total. Her 188kg squat was a new IPF World Record in the -63kg weight class.

So her current record sits at 188kg and she took a weight at 3kg less for a triple. If we had to guess 190kg isn’t too far off the horizon.

Moving this kind of weight for three is a clear testament to the work she’s been putting into her training after Worlds.

She’s frequently sharing videos of her big lifts on her Instagram page, and just before posting her latest 185kg for three, she also shared a squat session where she did 180kg for a triple about one week prior.

To no surprise, she takes her deadlift training pretty seriously, too. A couple weeks ago she deadlifted 180kg for six reps. She’s still after the -63kg deadlift World Record which is held by Samantha Calhoun at 221.5 kg. The most we’ve seen her do in training is 210kg! 

It will be exciting to see how Bavoil continues to rise through the ranks of young female powerlifters. She’s already a World Record holder, so her potential here is pretty limitless. 

Feature image from @lya_powerlift Instagram page.