Mojtaba Maleki Joins the 500kg Raw (With Wraps) Squat Club

Iranian strongman and powerlifter Mojtaba Maleki just passed a huge powerlifting milestone. Maleki recently squatted 500kg raw with wraps at a Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) meet. This makes him the second powerlifter to ever complete this feat behind Vlad Alhazov, who squatted this weight back in July 2017.

Maleki completed this epic feat at the Global Powerlifting Committee’s World Championships. The Championships are currently being held from September 16-23rd in Trutnov, Czech Republic. To top it off, Maleki’s squat had pretty solid speed with adequate depth, which earned him two white lights, making this a good lift.

Maleki has been pretty quiet in the public eye with his epic feats of strength in the last few years. For years, he competed in the IPF as an equipped athlete and held records doing so, but most recently competed raw at the 2015 IPF Classic World Championships.

At the 2015 IPF Classic World Championships, Maleki placed seventh behind some of the world’s best squatters, including Raw Williams, Blaine Sumner, Kelly Branton, and Jezza Uepa.

His final lifts were a 392.5kg squat, 215kg bench, 320kg deadlift, and 927.5kg total. Check out his raw 380kg squat opener from the 2015 Championships below.

Maleki may have been quiet in the powerlifting spotlight as of recent, but he’s been silently crushing big lifts. There have been a fair amount of videos shared on YouTube of his growing squat strength.

Check out the video posted on YouTube from September 16th highlighting Maleki’s 470kg raw squat with wraps. Also, watch how he recovers after the removal of the rack causes him to shift his stance and take a step back. Talk about keeping your composure under heavy weight.

We mentioned above that Maleki is now the second powerlifter to perform this feat raw with wraps behind Vlad Alhazov. And we felt it was only fitting to highlight Alhazov’s epic 500kg raw squat, which he completed after a full knee replacement.

Check out his 500kg squat from an IPA meet back in July 2017.

Now we have to wonder, who’s going to push the next limit and exceed the 500kg+ raw squat mark?

Feature image screenshot from @charliewilstrong Instagram page.