Strongman Nick Best Deadlifts 600 lbs for 16 Reps

Over the last few months, it seems like a lot of strength athletes have been pulling big weight for high rep sets, and they’ve all been impressive, but professional strongman Nick Best’s latest deadlift AMRAP video may take the cake.

When it comes to describing Best’s strength sports career, you could sum it up with three words: Impressive, dynamic, and strong. At 49 years old, Best is hitting and pushing insane weight that continues to drop the jaws of the spectators around him. In fact and to prove our point, in early July we covered a monstrous 383kg/845 lb squat from Best.

The set below, as opposed to being a typical heavy single or double, comes in the form of 16 with 272kg/600 lbs on the bar. And yes, we mean 16 reps. On August 29th, Stan Efferding hosted the event titled the “Vertical Pull-Party” at the Iron Addicts gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a ton of big named athletes came out to show off their strength.

A video below is embedded of Best’s 600 lb set of 16. For those having trouble viewing the video on mobile — it can be seen, here!

The list for the “Vertical Pull-Party” included a ton of crazy strong athletes including: Best (obviously), Larry Wheels, Hafthor Bjornsson, Brittany Pryor and many more. Besides Efferding, Best is possibly the most weathered and dynamic athlete that partook in the event, and actually started his competitive strength career as a powerlifter, and not a strongman.

To kick off his long career in strength, Best competed in the sport of powerlifting and has won two USAPL national championships (1996 & 1997), along with a WDFPF World Powerlifting Championship (1996).

After concluding the powerlifting focal point of his career, Best shifted gears to focusing on strongman, and that’s where most recognize his name, which comes for good reason. Over the course of his strongman career Best has attended nine World’s Strongest Man contests, and made it to the finals twice, and has competed in two Arnold Strongman Classics.

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Feature image from @mrs_calliebest Instagram page.