Strongman Nick Best Squats a Massive 845 lbs At Age 49

When it comes to describing Nick Best’s strength sports career, where do we begin? He’s been an elite competitor in both powerlifting and strongman over the last three decades, and continues to prove that he’s nowhere near finished. At the beginning of his career he competed in powerlifting and has won two USAPL national championships (1996 & 1997), along with a WDFPF World Powerlifting Championship (1996).

And while he was a dominant force early on in his career in powerlifting, most know Best as a weathered professional strongman athlete. For context, he’s attended nine World’s Strongest Man contests, making it to the finals twice, and has competed in two Arnold Strongman Classics. Needless to say, Best knows what it takes to stay relentless under the bar, and his latest squat video is another great example.

Yesterday, Best shared a video that featured an insanely heavy squat, and he also poked fun and drew attention to his age. In Best’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “845lb raw squat tonight! It’s only 96 in the garage tonight! 108 days till I am 50! Fuck age! Make the time!” 

That’s right, Best is almost 50 years old and he’s moving 845 lbs raw like it’s nothing. And while Best isn’t exactly 50 years old yet, it’s worth noting that this squat is already 8 lbs heavier than the current 308 lb weight class Masters (50-59) all-time world record, aka Best’s normal weight class.

Additionally and to further our case, Best is currently ranked as the top 308 lb Masters powerlifter in the world. And if this squat wasn’t enough, or you’re more of a deadlift fan, then say no more. After his 845 lb squat, Best went ahead and deadlifted 550 lbs for a casual 18-reps. Check it out below.

We’ve seen our fair share of strong Masters athletes, and Best just reminded us all about how absolutely strong he is.

Feature image from @nickbeststrongman Instagram page.