ICYMI: Watch Terrence Ruffin’s “Most Painful” Posing Routine at the 2022 Cydney Gillon Peach Classic

The two-time Arnold Classic Physique champion shows how posing is a beautiful, and sometimes painful, art form.

Classic Physique competitor Terrence Ruffin is widely regarded as one of the most eye-catching posers currently in the IFBB today. Watching Ruffin flow through his poses is reminiscent of Golden era bodybuilders like Bob Paris and Robby Robinson. In a YouTube video published on June 1, 2022, Ruffin traveled to Atlanta to guest pose at the 2022 Cyndey Gillon’s Peach Classic.

Ruffin has made a name for himself in the sport for his podium finishes on the Olympia stage and his two Arnold Classic Physique titles. That success is thanks to old school size and conditioning combined with his new school posing abilities, seamless flow, and complex posing routines. Watch Ruffin’s full guest posing session below, which goes awry as the rough texture of the stage carved up his feet and knees:

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The video opens with Ruffin practicing his routine in his hotel room before heading to the show to guest pose. Once arrived at the venue, Ruffins heads backstage to warm up. Once on stage, Ruffin flows across the floor as his posing music “All of Us” by Labrinth plays — presenting his physique as though a Greek statue has come to life; combining aesthetics and grace for an audience in awe. However, it wasn’t as graceful as the audience may have perceived.

Probably the most painful routine I’ve ever done.

When Ruffin returned backstage, his legs are covered in scuffs and scrapes. The texture of the stage was not smooth. Gliding across it with bare skin caused several scratches and tears — a chunk of skin from his big toe clearly flew off as he changed positions. He remarked that the stage felt like the knurling of a barbell.


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Despite the pain, Ruffin finished out his posing routine without showing signs of the damage he endured. Suppose Ruffin maintains his razor-sharp posing and improves upon his supposed weaknesses from the 2021 Olympia contest by adding even more thickness to his back. In that case, he is a contender to challenge Chris Bumstead for the Classic Physique throne. After two years as the runner-up on the Olympia stage, posing next to the Sandow trophy would be the ultimate routine.

Featured image: @ruff_diesel on Instagram