Terrence Ruffin Trains Arms With Kim Jeong Hyun, Poses for Olympia Head Judge Steve Weinberger

"Ruff Diesel" builds the bi's and tri's in a recent arm workout with Korean bodybuilder Kim Jeong Hyun.

Classic Physique Bodybuilder Terrence Ruffin recently visited the iconic Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, also known as the East Coast Mecca, in Syosset, NY. He was joined by Korean IFBB Pro Classic Physique competitor Kim Jeong Hyun for an arm workout, which featured opposing muscle supersets, biceps drop sets, and a forearm finisher. Afterward, the duo met with Powerhouse Gym president and Olympia head judge Steve Weinberger to work on posing techniques.

Ruffin is coming off his second consecutive win at the 2022 Arnold Classic USA in March. He’s honing in on claiming Classic Physique’s most prestigious title at the 2022 Olympia, going down the weekend of December 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. Kim Jeong Hyun is training under Terrence Ruffin to prepare for the upcoming New York Pro scheduled for May 21, 2022. Check out their arm workout via the below video, courtesy of Ruffin’s YouTube channel:

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One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl and Machine Dips

The workout commenced with a biceps and triceps superset alternating between dumbbell preacher curls and machine dips, a practical, time-saving strategy while killing two birds with one stone. Leading the session, Ruffin grabbed a 25-pound weight and angled his arm on the bench pad while leaning forward into the movement to fully isolate the biceps muscle and prevent cheating the weight up. Hyun used the same weight to warm up.

The bodybuilding duo moved to the dip machine to engage their triceps with a neutral hand position. The weight was manageable on the first set. However, Ruffin and Hyun would eventually need to strap themselves to the seat using a belt. Several supersets were performed using varying weights, including 40 and 45-pound dumbbells for preacher curls. 

Hammer Curls, Overhead Triceps Extensions, Machine Biceps High Curls

Ruffin wanted to incorporate a neutral grip biceps exercise, and the hammer grip dumbbell curl is one of the best variations for putting mass on the arms. The reps were performed one side at a time. 

After a few sets of hammer curls, the Classic Physique competitors hopped over to the seated cable triceps extension machine. They pumped out a few intense sets using a two-sided rope attachment while keeping the elbows flared out. Extension variations hit the triceps differently from other exercises (e.g., dips and pushdowns) due to the stretch in the muscle when the arms are positioned overhead. To finish arms, Ruffin and Hyun did a few sets of machine biceps curls with this variation — the elbows are positioned higher than the shoulders

EZ Bar Wrist Extensions

Before they stripped down to posing trunks, Ruffin and Hyun torched their forearms with wrist extensions using an EZ curl bar that allows for a more natural hand position. This exercise targets the top part of the forearm and brachioradialis muscle.


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Posing With Steve Weinberger

After the arm workout, Ruffin and Hyun went to a separate room where Powerhouse Gym owner and lead IFBB Judge Steve Weinberger would assess their posing technique and offer constructive advice. Weinberger had no criticisms of Ruffin’s physique except to keep working on improving his back.

Your back is great but can always be better.

Ruffin has been working with hypertrophy coach Joe Bennett, who is already two steps ahead, making the necessary adjustments to Ruffin’s training program.

Terrence Ruffin Arm Workout

Below are the exercises listed in the same order performed by Ruffin and Hyun during the workout. Due to the video editing and provided details, the exact number of sets and reps for each movement was not made available. 

  • One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl
  • Machine Dip
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl
  • Seated Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Machine Biceps Curl
  • EZ Bar Wrist Extensions

Ruffin is zeroed in on training while at the top of his game. The 28-year-old uses every resource at his disposal to gain an advantage over the competition. The most significant obstacle still standing in his way from reaching the pinnacle of the sport — a Mr. Olympia title — is three-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead.

Featured image: @kim_jeonghyun on Instagram