CrossFit Games Athlete & Gym Owner Lends $40K of Equipment to Members Training At Home

CrossFit Pallas owner Tim Paulson talks about helping his members train through social distancing.

Tim Paulson is a multi-time CrossFit Games athlete and consistently ranks among the fittest men in America. He’s also one of the owners of CrossFit Pallas in Ithaca, New York. As COVID-19 began changing life for people around the globe, New York quickly became one of the hardest-hit states in America.

Facing a mandatory, temporary closure of the gym to comply with social distancing rules, Tim and his business partners were faced with a question: How could they continue to support their membership and community when people could no longer come to the gym?

The answer was to lend out a massive amount of equipment — Tim estimates it was $40,000 worth — so members could continue to follow programming while at home. The CrossFit Pallas coaches now have regular video calls with members, including group workouts and one-on-one checkins, so the community can continue to train hard.

Of course, Tim knows the equipment will generally come back home when the period of isolation ends:

“They have to bring it back, it’s going to be in good condition, there were some parameters like that. Please treat it as your own, stuff like that, but we didn’t take any money or anything like that. It was just a goodwill loan.”

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We just gave over $40,000 worth of equipment to our members over the last week to enhance the home workouts we are programming – with no caveats other than treat it as your own, and please bring it back. Anything that can be carried and fit into a normal sized car is gone. The gym is eerily empty now, and the initial shock of anxiety nearly overwhelmed me today as I stand here looking around, honestly. It faded quickly, and was replaced with gratitude – that our community will be able to train ‘more normally’ during these weird times, and that they are so wholeheartedly supporting our business as we adapt and transition to this new normal of remote classes/coaching, FaceTime member check ins, and solo workouts for an undetermined amount of time. Everyone is dealing with a slew of emotions right now, trying to process an incredible amount of information – some reassuring, some terrifying – but as leaders it is our job to stand tall for the people who look to us for support, guidance, and normalcy. At the end of the day, equipment can always be replaced – but being there, and trying to go above and beyond, for a community of people who put their trust and faith in you, right when they need it most, is invaluable. Stay safe, stay fit, and stay sane, my friends. #Community #AffiliateOwner #ForgedByZeus #ViktosLife #Viktos #TeamCellucor #BloodDontLie #TeamPPM #ProEnergyFit #TeamXTEND #Crossfit #Gymnastics #Fitness @forgedbyzeus @viktosbrand @xtend @cellucor @proenergynutrition @paleopowermeals @insidetracker @zeus_boulder @eyesofclyde @cmpaulson101

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Tim says the gym’s kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and wallballs were picked clean, and there’s virtually no small equipment left in the facility.

The one thing Tim was surprised members didn’t take? Rowers.

“Honestly, I’m kind of surprised, because of how much variety it would add to the routine.”

Though it’s an unprecedented time in the fitness community and beyond, Tim and the team at CrossFit Pallas are convinced their members will come out stronger and fitter than ever.

“Our members are going to come away so fit!”