Ashley Kaltwasser Shares Bikini Contest Prep Tips to Consistently Compete at the Highest Level

The three-time Bikini Olympia champion offered insight into preventing bloating and cravings.

Ashley Kaltwasser had a dominant run from 2013 to 2015, amassing three Bikini Olympia titles. Since then, she’s been remarkably consistent in pro shows. Her contest prep regime allows her to remain a top contender against the world’s elite bikini competitors, including the 2023 Bikini International champ Lauralie Chapados and 2021 Olympia champ Jennifer Dorie

Kaltwasser had some downtime during pre-judging for the 2023 Arnold Classic and used it to do Q&A. She asked her followers on Instagram, “What kind of Arnold Classic/contest prep questions would you like me to answer?” Her followers responded with ruminative questions — which she answers in the video below, courtesy of her YouTube channel:

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Magnesium to Prevent Bloating 

The first question Kaltwasser answered assessed how she deals with bloating during prep. She specifically mentioned liquid magnesium had done wonders for her digestion

“There are a few artificial ingredients out there that will get me to bloat. I find allulose bloats me sometimes…sugar, alcohol [also bloats me], but for the most part, I don’t have too many issues,” Kaltwasser said. “I find that one thing that helps a lot is magnesium.” 

Water Intake 

Kaltwasser doesn’t cut her water or sodium intake while prepping for a show. She reduces her water intake and sips as needed on the day of the competition. 

“I will drink two gallons of water [a day] until the day before the show. The only time my water intake changes are show day. Because I don’t want to go on stage with two gallons of water in my stomach, I’d always be peeing, and my stomach would look bloated.”

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Artificial Sweeteners 

Kaltwasser’s social media following asked her if she consumes any artificial sweeteners during prep. Kaltwasser responded:

“I used to take out all sweeteners the week of the show. But I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t make a difference. Stevia seems to do well with my body, and I think for most people, Stevia is safe and doesn’t cause any issues.” 

Curbing Food Cravings

Fortunately, Kaltwasser admittedly doesn’t get food cravings anymore. She used to but has since adapted her taste buds to healthy prep foods. If a craving strikes Kaltwasser, it’s usually for something sweet than salty, but if she yearns for salt, she’ll eat vegetables. 

“I chew a lot of gum. Sometimes two packs of gum a day…[She uses] Crystal Light and sugar-free Jell-O for sweet cravings. Also, brushing your teeth right after a meal can help as well. It gets that taste out of your mouth, so you don’t want more [food].” 

The 2023 Bikini International contest was Kaltwasser’s first show of the 2023 bodybuilding season; she ranked fourth. In 2022, Kaltwasser finished in the top three of all 12 pro contests she appeared in.

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Featured image: @ashleykfit on Instagram