Larry Wheels Blows the Internet’s Mind With 585 lb Incline Bench Press

It seems like every time we open our Instagram page, there’s another video of Larry “Wheels” Williams hitting another mind blowing training PR. Whether it’s on the bench press, squat, or deadlift, it always seems like Wheels has no limit into what he can push. In fact, most of the time his lifts leave other strength athletes continually scratching their heads wondering, Is Wheels even from this planet?

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the above question, but we can highlight Wheels’ latest incline bench press PR, which has pretty much stopped the internet lifting community in their tracks. Yesterday, Wheels shared a jaw dropping Instagram video highlighting a 265kg/585 lb incline bench press PR.

And of course, we can’t write about one of Wheels’ big lifts without acknowledging his secret weapon, aka BTC or Black Tom Cruise per his Instagram handle. In Wheels’ Instagram video’s description he writes, “585LBS (265KG) incline bench!!! HUGGGEE PR.”

What’s even more astounding by the above PR is that Wheels is currently prepping for a bodybuilding show and his training has had more of a focus on prepping himself for that competition, as opposed to only focusing on the powerlifting movements. Yet, none of that has seemed to slow down Wheels’ 1-RM progress.

[Need more volume? Watch Larry Wheels bench press 225 lbs for max reps!]

To many viewer’s delight, this isn’t the first big incline bench press PR Wheels has shared of as recently. On August 6th, Wheels shared an incline bench PR that came in the form of a casual 227kg/500 lb 5-rep PR. After posting, this video took off in the lifting community and gathered over 330,000 views.

As of right now, Wheels’ max bench press is sitting over 600 lbs, but with this recent incline press, we’d be surprised if it hasn’t increased even more over the last couple months.

Feature image from @larrywheels Instagram page.