Powerlifter Sarah Brenner (+84kg) Deadlifts 257.5kg for a New World Record

Sarah Brenner's deadlift broke the previous world record by a whopping 10.5 kg/23.2 lbs.

Powerlifter Sarah Brenner had her best performance to date, going nine-for-nine for the first time ever and capping her performance off with a massive deadlift of  257.5kg/568 lbs — a new all-time world record in the +84kg weight class. Her deadlift beat out Bonica Brown‘s previous world record deadlift of 247kg/544.5 lbs.

Brenner competed at the 7th National Association Powerlifting Federation North American Regional Powerlifting Championships in San Jose, Costa Rica, and not only set a new world record, but also beat out Brown’s lift by an incredible 10.5 kg/23.2 lbs.

Brenner shared her massive pull on her Instagram.

I am officially an IPF world record holder. I finally had my unicorn meet.

9/9 (for the first time ever), PRs on all lifts and total, and broke the IPF Open world record in the deadlift on my second and third attempts. (There are some party poopers on the internet saying the lift should not have counted because of my grip slipping, but I got a down command and held on to the bar all the way to the floor. 3 whites with a jury right there say good lift and I won’t let you rain on my parade).


Brenner did indeed get full credit for the pull, and has set the bar incredibly high in the +84kg class heading into Raw Nationals this fall.

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Prior to this meet, her best single deadlift was 255.5kg/ 563.2 lbs, which she pulled this year at the Arnold Pro Deadlift Meet in March. A day before making that single, Brenner competed in the Arnold SBD Pro American and finished first in her weight class with a 529.1 lb/239.9kg squat, 225.9 lb/102.46 kg bench press, 553.3 lb/250.97 kg deadlift, and a 1308.4 lb/593.48 kg total.

Brenner hinted at Raw Nationals being her next big meet, so we can’t wait to see what kind of weight she pulls this fall.

Featured image from @sarahskwaats Instagram page.