Sarah Brenner Squats 500 lbs In Lead Up to USAPL Raw Nationals

Sarah Brenner, or “Sarahskwaats” as her Instagram handle rightfully states, has been putting up big weight in lead up to her USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals Appearance. Brenner is a 84kg+ women’s powerlifter and currently holds the American Women’s Raw deadlift record at 240kg (529 lbs).

Most recently, she put up a squat that turned the heads of many in the powerlifting community. Check out her recent easily executed 500 lb squat below, which is only 1 lb shy of her best lift in competition.

What’s possibly the best part of the video is how Brenner unracks the bar, smiles, and says, “Oh that’s heavy,” but then absolutely crushes the weight.ย Brenner will be taking the Raw Nationals stage on Saturday, October 14th during their Prime Time lifting slot.

She recorded her Raw Nationals qualifying total, and best 565kg (1,243 lb) total to date at the Arnold – A7 Bar Grip Pro Challenge. It was at this meet she hit her best 501 lb squat, along with her American Raw deadlift record of 240kg (529 lbs). Below is a video from the meet that highlights her final squat and deadlift attempts.

If you compare her 501 lb squat and her 500 lb squat they almost look entirely different. In her recent attempt there’s no sign of a sticking point whatsoever, so we’re looking forward to what Brenner ends up hitting at Raw Nationals.

Below we’ve included a clearer video of Brenner’s 240kg American deadlift record.

Brenner’s latest squat provided some insights into what we can expect from her this year, but that road isn’t going to be easy.ย The current American Raw Women’s Open squat record sits at 277.5kg (610 lbs), and was set by Danny Sullivan at the 2016 Raw Nationals.

Although, Sullivan isn’t lifting at this year’s Nationals, and Brenner only has two athletes with totals ahead of her, which are Bonica Lough (647.5kg) and Leann Hewitt (617.5kg).

Feature image screenshot from @sarahskwaats Instagram page.ย