Stefi Cohen Deadlifts 4x Her Bodyweight for New All Time Record

Stefanie Cohen had a big weekend at the WRPF’s Boss of Bosses IV powerlifting meet, which was held at Boss Barbell Club on Saturday, August 26th. The Saturday invitation only meet hosted some of the strongest powerlifters in the world, and Cohen was one of the many who staked their claim in the record books.

For the past few months, Cohen has made it her mission to crush the 4x bodyweight deadlift, a feat that only a few ever accomplish in their lifting career. Luckily for us and the powerlifting community, Cohen accomplished her goal.

Check out the video of the 485 lb (220kg) deadlift at 121 lb (55kg) bodyweight below.

When we reached out and asked Cohen how she felt after her long time 4x deadlift accomplishment she said,

I thought I would feel more accomplished, but I can’t help wanting more. 500 lbs up next.”

Spoken like a true elite athlete. Cohen also added, “Also, pretty sure that’s the first time a woman’s ever done a deadlifts 4x bodyweight (raw). We fact checked with Powerlifting Watch, and we’re 98% certain.”

This pull earns Cohen the 123 lb Women’s All Time Raw deadlift world record, which topped the previous record set by Janis Finkelman in 2015 at 454 lbs.

Cohen ended up taking first for her division with a 1,080 lb total. She finished with a 203 lb bench and a 402 lb squat in the other lifts. Check out her three squat attempts below, which are as follows: 352lbs (160kg), 380lbs (172.5kg), and 402lbs (182.5kg).

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In terms of Wilks, Cohen totaled the third best overall with a 583 Wilks score. This was behind two powerlifting legends, Yury Belkin and Marianna Gasparyan.

There’s no doubt Cohen had an amazing meet, and ended up accomplishing what she initially set out to do. But from her quote above, now we have to wonder, when will Cohen hit the 500 lb deadlift? This would be a first for her weight class.

Feature image screenshot from @steficohen Instagram page.