Stefi Cohen Reps 440-Pound Deadlifts at 123 Pounds Bodyweight

Stefi Cohen has publicly declared on several occasions that her biggest goal for 2017 is a quadruple bodyweight deadlift, and her latest Instagram post shows she’s closer than ever.

Below, you can see the -53kg lifter pull an astonishing 440 pounds (199.5kg) for four solid reps. While Cohen competes at -53kg, she currently weighs 123 pounds (55.8kg), making this weight 3.58 times her bodyweight.

We plugged these numbers into a few one-rep max calculators and assuming this is a four-rep max, her max deadlift is probably between 480 and 490 pounds. That’s more than 3.9 times her bodyweight.

That said, the most recent one-rep max she posted was a pull of 455.1 pounds (206kg) that took place on July 8. That’s far from 490 pounds but if it had taken place in an IPF meet, it would have broken the open world record for both the -52kg class and the -57kg class by more than ten kilograms.

Ever the teacher (she’s a coach at Hybrid Performance Method), Cohen included a caption that helpfully pointed out what a lot of powerlifters forget: cardio can help your lifts.

I had no doubt that adding circuits and heavy conditioning exercises would help improve my lifts, but I had no idea that it would help THIS much.

Been following the Hybrid 101 program as a transition from the time of my injury to back to competition prep, and have been feeling amazing. Lots of heavy carries, get ups, single leg/arm, and core exercises in the form of circuits with short rest intervals are amazing at increasing your work capacity and stability under fatigue. THE ROAD TO 4x bw DL CONTINUES!!

The Venezuelan-born athlete, who is studying to become a physical therapist, is also dedicated to hitting a 200-pound push press (she hit 191 pounds this week) and she can squat 370 pounds (167.8kg), bench 205 pounds (93kg), snatch 192 pounds (87kg), and clean & jerk 231.5 pounds (105kg). Keep in mind that she’s 5 feet tall.

We’re not sure what kind of cake someone orders to celebrate a quadruple bodyweight deadlift, but Cohen’s friends should probably start thinking of designs.

Featured image via @steficohen on Instagram.