Cailer Woolam Deadlifts 420.5kg (927 lbs) for New All Time Record

The WRPF’s Boss of Bosses IV powerlifting meet wrapped up Saturday, August 26th with a ton of great performances. This meet’s final day was invitation only, and was composed of some of the world’s strongest powerlifters. One of these athletes included Cailer Woolam, who’s grown in notoriety due to his insane deadlift strength.

Woolam’s Instagram handle is “Doctor Deadlift”, and he continues to prove that it’s a name earned, not given. For this meet, Woolam moved up a weight class from 198 lbs to 220 lbs to try and knock off the notorious 220 lb (100kg) all time deadlift record. Woolam and Yury Belkin (previous record holder) were going back and forth on the deadlifts. Belkin opened with 881 lbs, then hit a 926 lb pull on his second attempt. On Woolam’s third attempt he called for 927 lbs (420.5kg) on the bar to edge out Belkin’s second attempt by one pound. Belkin had one more shot to top Woolam, but missed his final 948 lb deadlift, which awarded Woolam with the record.

Check out Woolam’s relatively smooth world record deadlift below.

In Woolam’s Instagram post’s description he writes, “927lbs (420.5kg) @211lbs BW. 3rd attempt to take the all time world record @220. That makes 2. Amazing day. Thank you everyone who wished me good luck and who have supported me through my journey. I love you all.”

That makes two because Woolam already possesses the 198 lb all time deadlift record, which he set back in February 2017, when he pulled 881 lbs (400kg) at 194 lbs (90kg) bodyweight.

This deadlift is a huge feat for the world of powerlifting. The 220 lb deadlift record gained its fame when powerlifting legend Ed Coan pulled 901 lbs (409kg) back in 1991. It’s a record that remained untouched for 26 years until April 2017, when Yury Belkin pulled 903 lbs (410kg).

To top it off, Woolam went into the competition with a strained pec, but was still able to hit a 100 lb total meet PR. And that included a personal 54 lb meet squat PR.

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Woolam gave a full meet recap in the description from his re-posted photo above and said, “Meet recap: 8 for 9 on the day. 639/429/ 927. (211BW) 1996lb total. 100lbs total PR.560 wilks and best overall raw lifter by a nuthair. Won $2000! Only missed deadlift opener. I hate that I had to sandbag my bench. I wanted closer to 460, but I wasn’t going to risk hurting my pec again. Either way I almost got the 2k total I wanted. Squat and deadlift went MUCH better than I ever could have planned. I got more than I wanted there. Set my 2nd world record deadlift. Overall just an absolutly amazing day with the best people in the game. I had such a good time! There’s too much to say, but I’ll leave it right there.”

Woolam was only one of the many lifters who put up insane numbers at Boss of Bosses IV. How long will his newly established 220 lb deadlift record stand? Only time will tell.

Feature image from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.