Strongwoman Inez Carrasquillo Hits Unofficial World Record Log Clean & Press of 315 Pounds In Training

Carrasquillo's log press is 17 pounds over Andrea Thompson's current world record.

Another earth-shaking lift in strongwoman took place on April 25, 2022. Inez Carrasquillo took to her Instagram page to share a video wherein she proved her prowess in the log lift again. This time the 2022 Arnold Amateur world champion log clean & pressed a staggering 142.9 kilograms (315 pounds) overhead.

Not only is lifting above 300 pounds a remarkable feat of strength — which she has successfully performed beforeCarrasquillo’s 315-pound press is significantly more than any strongwoman world record in any weight class. While her lift is not an official world record as it was not performed in competition, it certainly demonstrates that the record is not long for this world if Carrasquillo finds the opportunity to attempt a similar lift on the competitive platform.

Check out Carrasquillo’s 142.9-kilogram (315-pound) log clean & press in the video below. She wore a lifting belt, elbow sleeves, and wrist wraps for the lift but forewent knee sleeves:


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According to Starting Strongman, the current all-time strongwoman log press world record is Andrea Thompson’s 135-kilogram (297.7-pound) lift from the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” series on July 4, 2020. In the U82KG division, Nadia Stowers holds the log press record of 130.6 kilograms (288 pounds).

Carrasquillo’s log clean & press is also heavier than the current world record in the U80KG strongman division — a 137-kilogram (302-pound) lift by Matt LeBlanc. According to a recent physique update by Carrasquillo on her Instagram page that confirms her body weight is 235 pounds, were she to successfully lockout a 315-pound log press in competition, it would only replace Thompson’s Open record, not Stowers’ in U82KG.

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Inez Carrasquillo’s Career

According to Strongman Archives, Carrasquillo is still relatively early in her competitive strongwoman career, competing in only three contests. She ranked fourth at the 2021 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW) contest and has since won the 2022 Arnold Amateur Strongwoman World Championships in the Open division and the 2022 Beerstone.

Before entering competitive strongwoman, Carrasquillo was a successful powerlifter. According to Open Powerlifting, she competed in three United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) sanctioned meets — two in 2019 and one in 2020 — and won all three. When Carrasquillo steps into the limelight of competition next, expect her to attempt a world record log press if the log lift is one of the scheduled events. She’s proven the world record is within her reach, and it seems but a matter of time before she makes it official.

Featured image: @ines_prostrongwoman on Instagram