Watch Strongwoman Inez Carrasquillo Log Press 136 Kilograms (300 Pounds) in Training

This press unofficially breaks the world record set by Andrea Thompson by one kilogram.

Strongwoman competitor Inez Carrasquillo has made herself known as a rising force in the sport. On Feb. 2, 2022, the entire strength sports community took notice when she posted a video of herself performing a log press with 136 kilograms (300 pounds) — more than the current world record and, according to her coach Alec Pagan, the heaviest press ever done by a strongwoman from the floor. 

The lift can be seen in the post below:


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“300×1 on the worst log ever,” Carrasquillo wrote in the caption. “Been chasing a 300-pound press off the ground, and I needed this win.”

Carrasquillo’s 300-pound log press is two and a half pounds more than the current world record, set by Andrea Thompson on July 4, 2020, as a part of World Ultimate Strongman’s “Feats of Strength” series. Because Carrasquillo’s lift was done in training, she does not hold the record.  Carrasquillo last competed in the 2021 World’s Strongest Woman competition, finishing fourth.

It’s worth noting that the log Carrasquillo used is not the same implement used by Thompson. In strongman, it’s not unusual for equipment to vary, and Carrasquillo is seen lifting a more compact log with bumper plates space out further from the base. (The distance between the weight plates and the “log” allows the implement to be racked on a power rack.) Also, Carrasquillo’s press was lapped and cleaned from the floor. Typically, logs are resting on slightly elevated pads.

She was also in the 2021 Official Strongman Games, where she tied for third place with Annabelle Chapman in the women’s Open division. The winner of both contests for the Open division was Rebecca Roberts. Carrasquillo showed signs of her pressing potential in the OSG event by winning the Log Press for Reps event. She performed 12 reps with the 106.5-kilogram (235-pound) log.

As a result of her most recent log press, she received praise from other elite athletes in her sport, including Gabriel Peña:

“Absolutely incredible [Inez]! I very much look forward to watching you write new pages in the books of history over the coming years.”

Thompson, who is currently preparing to compete in a contest at the Arnold Sports Festival on Mar. 4-5, 2022 in Columbus, OH, had yet to make any public comment on Carrasquillo’s lift, but her coach, Laurence “Big Loz” Shahlaei, expressed that he was impressed in one word: “Awesome.” Even Canadian WSM competitor and current Hummer Tire Deadlift world record holder JF Caron chimed in with, “That’s very impressive.”

So what’s next for Carrasquillo?

“She will be competing at the Arnold Ameture world title in Ohio,” Pagan tells BarBend. If she wins she will then be invited to compete on the pro stage the following year. One week after the Arnold, she will also be doing Gabe Peña’s “BeerStons” pro show.”

Featured Image: @ines_strongwoman on Instagram