Full Results From the 2021 IATBP Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Competitions

Nine athletes showed up to compete at International Association of Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters in Atlanta, GA.

On Oct. 2, the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters (IATBP) hosted its first in-person events before the pandemic in Atlanta, GA. The powerlifting meet in the early afternoon was followed by an evening bodybuilding show. In total, nine athletes participated in this event.


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The IATBP focused initially solely on bodybuilding — the organization has hosted bodybuilding shows for transgender and nonbinary athletes since 2014. In 2019, after hosting powerlifting meets for two years, it officially added the “P” to its name. Below are the complete results.

IATBP Powerlifting Results

E Brooks, a personal trainer and powerlifter from Alameda, CA, weighed in at 76 kilograms (168 pounds) and won the Gender Non-Conforming I division. They lifted a total of 351 kilograms (775 pounds), with a 115-kilogram (255-pound) squat, 77-kilogram (170-pound) bench press, and a 158.7-kilogram (350-pound) deadlift.

Note: The numbers listed for the results below are in kilograms and follow this order: squat | bench press | deadlift | total.

Gender Non-Conforming I Division

  1. C. E. Brooks (they/them), 76kg — 102 | 77 | 158.7 | 351
  2. Squee Meuller (they/them), 86.9kg — 102 | 74.8 | 122.4 | 299.3
  3. Tilda Thurium (they/them), 54kg — 49.8 | 38.5 | 106.5 | 195

Legendary powerlifter Janae Marie “Kroc” Kroczaleski served as the IATBP’s meet director.

IATBP Bodybuilding Results

From Columbus, OH, bodybuilder and personal trainer Kel Haines won the lightweight and overall competition in the Masc II division. He weighed in at 133 pounds.

Personal trainer, bodybuilder, and model Josey Davis, hailing from Lenoir City, TN, took home first place in the Femme I division and Bikini. She competed as a heavyweight, weighing in at 191 pounds.

Lightweight Masc II Division

  1. Kel Haines | Columbus, OH | 133.0 pounds
  2. David Delallo | Stanford, CT | 135.6 pounds
  3. Micah Hardesty | Tampa, FL | 126.2 pounds

Heavyweight Masc II Division

  1. Leo Havens | Cottage Grove, OR | 187.8 pounds
  2. Michael Maher | Worchester, MA | 200.2 pounds

Femme I Division

  • First place overall & first place Bikini: Josey Davis | Lenoir City, TN | 191.0 pounds

Bodybuilder Paulo Batista served as the head judge for the bodybuilding show.

About the IATBP

The IATBP remains the only trans and nonbinary lifting association of its kind in the US. Competitions designed to welcome trans lifters. The organization’s meets and shows give trans and nonbinary lifters a place to compete safely as certain states offer varying levels of trans inclusion. Some states have laws that ban transgender students from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity. In 2020, the IATBP began interfacing with community members to overhaul its divisions.

According to the IATBP’s statement on nonbinary-inclusive and trans-specific competition divisions, they were “restructuring the divisions to make them not only more equitable, affirming, and inclusive, but also take into account the concerns of our community members.” Those concerns included:

  • “Divisions that are affirming of competitors varied/complex gender expression and identity;
  • HRT [hormone replacement therapy] status taken into consideration;
  • A division that eliminates the need for identifying with any gender/HRT status.”

The resulting divisions, implemented for the first time in the Oct. 2 competition, represent a significant step toward increasing trans and nonbinary inclusivity in strength sports.

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