The Best Battle Ropes for Value, Small Spaces, and Elasticity

Looking to let off some steam and condition your body at the same time? A battle rope might be perfect for you.

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Battle ropes are awesome — they’re dynamic in nature and can be a godsend for improving conditioning, general strength, and overall work economy. If you’ve never trained with battle ropes, then you’re seriously missing out on some killer benefits. Outside of being a great tool to achieve nearly every training adaptation, they’re a breeze to set up just about anywhere and are a space-saving addition to any home gym.

Being avid fitness and battle rope enthusiasts, we’ve been capping, shaking, and slamming some of the best battle ropes on the market to provide you with an in-depth battle ropes round-up. The ropes below have been broken into multiple sections to match a variety of needs, so whether you’re a battle rope newbie or a weathered vet, we’ve got you covered.

Best Battle Ropes

Best Battle Rope Overall

Training is a repetitive process. Many of the smaller details that separate the best equipment from the rest come down to attention to detail, and removing small annoyances that add up over time. This is why we think the Living.Fit Battle Rope — which offers six different options based on size and material — is the best choice for most people.

Living.Fit Battle Rope

Living.Fit offers a variety of options to choose from for their battle ropes, including different thicknesses from 1.5 inches, two inches, and three inches. Once you figure out the diameter you’re interested in, then you can decide between a braided rope or a canvas-covered one. At their base, these battle ropes are made from 100-percent braided dacron — the same material they use to catch sharks — so you know these ropes are tough. All of the ropes are also 50 feet long, which makes them great for indoor use.

The different diameters correspond to different weights of rope — these weights range from 28 pounds to 88 pounds for the smallest to largest diameter, respectively. For this high-quality rope though, you will end up paying more than some other battle ropes with the cheapest option costing around $70 and the most expensive rope coming in at about $115 before taxes and possible shipping charges.

Living.Fit Battle Ropes
Living.Fit Battle Ropes
Living.Fit Battle Ropes

These battle ropes are 50 feet long, and feature two different builds. The canvas-covered rope is ideal for outdoor usage, while the braided rope is best suited for indoors. 

Who Should Buy the Living.Fit Battle Rope

  • Lifters who want battle ropes that will last them for years even with heavy use. These are built to last thanks to the high-quality braided dacron used to manufacture them.
  • Trainees looking for options with different diameters, weights, and sheathing. You can select between six choices here.
  • Customers who want to add variety to their workouts. The 50 feet of length allows you to move up and down the rope to moderate the level of difficulty.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Living.Fit Battle Rope

  • Anyone with limited space to train as this rope is 50 feet long.
  • Buyers with a tighter budget. These aren’t the cheapest battle ropes available, but they’re top-notch in terms of quality.
  • Those who are newer to battle rope training may want to start even lighter than the lightest (28-pound) option.

The durable build of these Living.Fit Battle Ropes ensures they can stand up to daily, heavy use. With 50 feet of length, you’ll have more variety for your workouts than shorter ropes can provide. These aren’t the cheapest option out there, but they’re built to last you many years.

Read our full review of Living.Fit Battle Ropes.

Best Elastic Battle Rope

Once battle ropes became more mainstream, we expected that clever, helpful innovations would emerge. One of the best evolutions we’ve seen with battle ropes is the integration of elastics, which can increase reaction forces and thus deliver more gains.

Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit

While most ropes limit you to movements where you simply hold the ends, the Son of the Beast comes with a kit that enables you to really broaden your training horizons. Sprints, jumps, resisted lateral movements and more are all well within the realms of possibility for this versatile elasticated rope.

Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit
Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit
Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit

This set features two ropes, anchor points, a pulling belt, and more. The unique elastic design makes it easy to use these ropes as traditional battle ropes or to connect them to the belt for resisted sprints and other plyometric work.

Who Should Buy the Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit

  • Athletes who need a heavier rope to increase the intensity of their training.
  • Consumers who want a rope that comes fully stacked with a kit for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Gymgoers looking for a rope that has attachments allowing for more versatility.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit

  • Trainees with a tighter budget.
  • Those looking for a thicker rope to work grip more intensively.
  • Buyers who prefer a simple, traditional rope without elasticity.

More expensive than some other options, but with a lot more bang for your buck, the versatility that the Stroops Son of the Best Pro Kit can bring to a person’s workout is the best battle rope we’ve seen for elasticity and all-around training.

Best Battle Rope with Exercise Guides

If you’re looking for a high-quality battle rope but don’t know where to start, then these Living.Fit Battle Ropes are the way to go because they offer in-depth exercise guides that can help you use them effectively.

Living.Fit Battle Rope

Living.Fit has made two great battle ropes out of poly dacron braided fiber, which is a super-durable and tough material that they offer by itself or covered in a tough canvas. Both types are available in 1.5-inch, two-inch, and three-inch diameters, which correspond to how heavy the rope itself is (ranging from 28 pounds to 88 pounds). The prices of these range from around $70 at the cheapest to about $115 at the highest before tax and shipping.

Living.Fit Battle Ropes
Living.Fit Battle Ropes
Living.Fit Battle Ropes

These battle ropes are 50 feet long, and feature two different builds. The canvas-covered rope is ideal for outdoor usage, while the braided rope is best suited for indoors. 

In addition to making some top-notch battle ropes, Living.Fit has 10 battle rope workouts available for purchase with in-depth instructions, costing around $19.99 each. The instructor-led guides are also available with the Living.Fit Full Access Membership, which costs around $7.99 per month. These programs are pretty awesome too featuring different focuses, like Building Bigger Arms, Burning Fat, Six-Pack + Muscle Pump, and the Basics Course. You can use these courses to make sure you’re not standing there with your battle rope in your hand without any guidance on what to do with it.

Working out with a Living.Fit Battle Rope
Jake testing the Living.Fit Battle Rope at the BarBend garage

Who Should Buy the Living.Fit Battle Rope

  • Those who are new to battle rope training, but still have a decent strength base and want some extra guidance with performing battle rope workouts. These folks will appreciate the exercise guides that Living.Fit offers.
  • Athletes who are in the market for a high-quality battle rope that can stand up to heavy, daily use and last for many years.
  • People who like options when it comes to purchasing equipment. There are six different choices here compared to many battle rope brands that only offer one or two.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Living.Fit Battle Rope

  • Those who are looking for a lightweight battle rope. These are generally pretty heavy with the lightest one starting at 28 pounds.
  • People on a tight budget. These aren’t the cheapest battle ropes on the market and you may be able to find more cost-effective options on this list.
  • If you’re only beginning to dabble in battle rope training and are unsure if you’ll like it, then starting off with a cheaper rope may be a good idea to make sure you like this particular style of training first.

Not only does Living.Fit make a high-quality and durable battle rope with a variety of diameters and two materials to choose from, but they have some helpful programming available too. With 10 different workouts of varying difficulty and focus available in their exercise guides, you can likely make some solid progress with these.

Best Manila Battle Rope

The choice of sailors for generations, Manila ropes have been found as far back as the ancient Egyptians. If you want a product that has truly stood the test of time, look no further. Aside from general durability, the other appeal of a manila rope is the grip. Even when you’re sweating, so long as your grip doesn’t give out, you should find the fibrous texture of the rope to offer plenty of grip to hold onto.

Manila Conditioning Rope

We love this Manila rope by Rogue. Strong, and very durable as we already noted, it is also great value for money. At 50 feet long and with a standard 1.5-inch diameter, it is the ideal option for those who need a cost-effective, tried and true option. All you have to do is attach it to a post or (Rogue) rack and you’re ready to go.

Manila Conditioning Rope
Manila Conditioning Rope
Manila Conditioning Rope

A traditional manila rope with the weight, feel, and resistance users expect. This classic design features rubberized handles to improve grip and durability. 

Who Should Buy a Manila Conditioning Rope

  • Lifters looking for a tried and tested battle rope.
  • Trainees who want a great value for money rope.
  • Customers looking for a rope made from natural fibers.

Who Shouldn’t Buy a Manila Conditioning Rope

  • Buyers who need a rope that comes with more attachments to enable training indoors or outdoors.
  • Gymgoers with a smaller space to train in.
  • Anyone who needs a rope that won’t shed fibers.

Cost-effective and well-tested, this Manila rope may not be the fanciest option, but it gets the job done just as well.

Best Battle Rope for Small Spaces

Contrary to dumbbells and kettlebells, which require little space to use, battle ropes can require a lot of space to be able to train, since you’re moving the length of the rope to workout. As more people have started to use battle ropes in their training, designs have been produced that could be used in much smaller areas. Our favorite option for this is the Hyper Rope.

Hyper Rope Battle Rope

A flexible metal core surrounded by a braided polyester exterior that keeps quiet when in use, the Hyper Rope is able to compact a normal 40 to 50-foot rope into a product half the size. When you consider that you’re typically using it holding both ends, this means you only need 10 feet to get in a great workout.

Hyper Rope Battle Rope
Hyper Rope Battle Rope
Hyper Rope Battle Rope

Available in two size options, this patent-pending design from Hyperwear can actually be used without an anchor, meaning users can get a traditional battle rope workout in far smaller spaces.

Who Should Buy the Hyper Rope Battle Rope

  • Athletes who have a limited, compact space to train in.
  • Lifters looking for a rope that doesn’t shed fibers when used.
  • Consumers looking for a rope with multiple weight options to select from.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Hyper Rope Battle Rope

  • Gymgoers who want a rope that can also be used for climbing.
  • Athletes who prefer a rope with a thicker diameter.
  • Buyers with a tighter budget.

High tech, small space requirements. This rope is awesome for anyone who wants to hit their conditioning hard at home.

Best Value Battle Rope

For the home gym user where equipment is unlikely to see the usage volume that occurs in large-scale facilities, a simple option that is well-priced is the often best choice. Yes, it may not come with all the bells and whistles you see on the mid to upper-range products, but it does allow for quality training sessions, so long as you’re willing to break a sweat.

Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope

Amazon’s Basics hits the bullseye with this rope. You can choose different lengths and diameters, it’s made from a polyester blend with high tensile strength (similar to a barbell) that should alleviate issues with fraying and has rubberized handles for excellent grip. At this price, you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope
Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope
Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope

Amazon's rope features a 3-strand design with a polyester blend, which will resist fraying and breaking over time. This rope is easy to roll for storage and features a one-year limited warranty. 

Who Should Buy the Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope

  • People with a limited budget who want a simple, cost-effective rope.
  • Trainees who want an affordable, but durable battle rope.
  • Customers looking for a rope with different diameters, lengths and more.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope

  • Athletes who have limited space in which to train and need a smaller option.
  • Buyers looking for a rope with a protective sheath for extra longevity.
  • Lifters who prefer other forms of conditioning.

Not as fancy as many of the other options on the list, this rope is nonetheless a solid performer and shouldn’t be written off as a cheap pretender.

Benefits of Battle Ropes

Battle ropes have gained a lot of popularity due to their highly publicized use by MMA fighters, football players, and other athletes. The attention is justified though since these simple and humble-looking pieces of equipment have the ability to potentially be very beneficial for improving both strength and cardiovascular endurance. They also have the unique ability to be rather portable and easy to set up compared to other larger pieces of cardio equipment, like cumbersome treadmills or exercise bikes. Battle ropes are also generally more cost-effective than large cardio machines.

How We Chose the Best Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are just ropes, right? Yes and no. Sure, they are just ropes by definition, but these ropes have unique characteristics to them that make them great for certain training goals. We selected all of the ropes in this article based on performance, durability, and price.


Ropes should perform similarly during workout, however, tiny details can go a long way when it comes to achieving killer workouts. For example, a lot of a rope’s performance has to do with its construction. What the rope is made out of, the size of the rope, if it has an anchor, and the handles should all be considered when assessing a rope’s performance.

Quality Materials

When it comes to material, generally, ropes will be made out of 100% Dacron, or a poly-Dacron blend. Both of these options are durable, but the 100% Dacron will be heavier in nature. This makes this type of rope great for advanced fitness enthusiasts who might want to add more weight to their battle rope workouts.

Rope Size

Generally, ropes will come in different sizes and this should be a big consideration when shopping around. Thicker ropes will air on the side of 2″, while slimmer ropes will be around 1.5″. The rope’s dimensions should reflect your hand size and grip strength, so choose based on what you’re comfortable with.


An anchor is a great component to consider for battle ropes because it can help dictate how workouts will be performed. If you don’t have a squat rack, or implement to anchor your rope down with, then it might be worth ranking this performance characteristic slightly higher when considering a battle rope.


Handles can be another huge performance characteristic because they can dictate how well and long you can grip a rope. If you’re worried about calluses or losing grip, then consider a rope with rubber handle finishes.


A battle rope’s durability is huge for home gym owners because the last thing you want is a rope breaking down, fraying, and causing a major mess. This is why it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re buying a rope made out of a 100% Dacron finish or poly-Dacron finish. Dacron is a thermoplastic polymer that is known for its durability.

Handle construction is another important durability trait to consider because unfinished handles can fray slightly easier than handles with finishes. If you’re concerned about handle breakdown, then look for battle ropes with rubber finishes that are closed at the end.

Of Course, Price

When it comes to price, this review characteristic are pretty straightforward: How much are you willing to spend on a solid battle rope? There are great ropes out there around $50.00 USD, then there are higher-quality, more performance-focused ropes around $90.00+ USD. Price will always come down to what you want to spend and how much you’ll use the battle rope. 

How Much Do Battle Ropes Cost?

Battle ropes can be somewhat expensive compared to other more cost-effective pieces of equipment like resistance bands, but they’re still a great buy for a few reasons. They provide a ton of utility since they can be used to potentially improve both strength and cardiovascular endurance. Battle ropes also don’t take up a ton of space and can be transported and set up easily.

Best Battle Rope Overall Living.Fit Battle Rope Starting at $59.99
Best Elastic Battle Rope Stroops 77lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit $199.95
Best Battle Rope with Exercise Guides Living.Fit Battle Rope Starting at $59.99
Best Manila Battle Rope Manila Conditioning Rope $125.00
Best Battle Rope for Small Spaces Hyper Rope Battle Rope $299.99
Best Value Battle Rope Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope $48.39

You can pick up a basic battle rope for as little as about $50, though heavier and more durable ropes with sheathing can cost more — upwards of around $300. There are a bunch of options between those two extremes though with some very high-quality battle ropes clocking in around $125 or $200. Regardless of your budget, there should be an option for you on this list.

What to Consider Before Buying Battle Ropes

With the plethora of new designs available, there are a few things worth thinking about before you make your battle rope purchase. From your training space to fitness goals, consider some of these factors and then make your decision.

How Much Space Do You Have?

If you want to purchase a traditional rope, you’re going to need some decent space or access to the outdoors in order to train properly. If you do, you have a variety of great value options available. On the flipside, those with minimal space are going to have to choose a more innovative option that could cost more. 

What Materials Are Used?

The big choice here is natural or man-made fibers. Polyester is your main man-made choice and is hard-wearing, but less grip-friendly. Manila is the usual natural choice and is easier to hold, but can shed fibers, so if you’re training in the house or in a garage gym, be prepared to whip out the broom from time to time.

Don’t forget about elastic options as well. With some ropes now made of elastic materials, you may find that you get more benefit — both in training and space saving — from an elastic option.

How Durable Do You Need?

None of these ropes should have issues with durability under normal usage. As we mentioned in the previous passage on materials, you may see shedding depending on your choice, but this isn’t going to lead to breakage unless you’re really abusing the equipment.

Indoor or Outdoor Training

Those of you lucky enough to live in climates that allow for training outdoors may want to factor that in with your rope choice. Whilst all the ropes on our list are more than durable enough to handle outdoor training, some of them are going to be easier to clean than others.

If you want to spice up your training outdoors, you’ll certainly have more space for a larger rope. Don’t let that be the end of your thinking though. You’ll still have to store the rope post-workout. So make sure you’ve got a space to put it away when you’re through with your session.

Design Preferences

Usually not a huge priority with battle ropes, there are nonetheless certain ropes that have really put some thought into their designs. From sheaths to rubber handles, the details can make some products more appealing than others. As per usual, more details tend to mean higher price tags, so if the bells and whistles are important to you, expect to pay more.


New to battle ropes or are you trying to up your battle rope game? We have a few suggestions below to help you make your best decision. 

  • Do you have a home gym or piece of equipment that could be used as an anchor? If not, then it might be worth considering battle rope options with anchors included. 
  • Do you lack general grip strength? If you do, then you might want to go for a smaller rope and option with rubber handles to support grip. 
  • Do you want a heavier rope? Look for options made out of 100 percent Dacron, typically, these options will be much heavier in nature.
  • Want your rope to last? Try to avoid using battle ropes, even those with sleeves, on unfinished concrete. They’re okay to use on smooth garage floors, but rough surfaces can tear ropes up quicker. 
  • What’s a fair price? That comes down to how often you plan on using your rope. If you’re an avid enthusiast, then it might be worth paying a little more for a high-quality durable rope. 

Final Word

Battle Ropes are not only an effective training option, but they can also be really good fun. They offer up a great way to channel any excess aggression while simultaneously providing an awesome full-body workout and proper conditioning.

It’s true that in the past, the length of the rope ruled them out as a choice for many people, but with the development of shorter ropes that have the same functionality, most people can now enjoy the benefits. If you struggle to motivate yourself to train, they are well worth investigating as an unusual and invigorating modality.


How much do battle ropes cost?

Battle ropes are some of the cheaper options for cardio-centric equipment. You can pick up a set for as little as about $50. That said, other options can range in price up to around $300, though there are variations for nearly every option in between.

What are battle ropes useful for?

Surprisingly versatile, you can train core, rotational movements, coordination, balance and more. Of course the primary utility of battle ropes is for conditioning, but we wanted to emphasize that you can broaden your view of this tool. Battle ropes aren’t just a one trick pony.

What is the best battle rope you can buy?

There are a bunch of options for battle ropes on the market and picking the right one for you requires careful consideration. Our favorite is the Living.Fit Battle Rope because it’s cost-effective, well-made, and available in different sizes. Living.Fit also has a bunch of online workouts you can follow along with.

Do battle ropes require high intensity?

Like any training modality, all the advertisements you see marketed demonstrate the coolest, most intense version of the product. That doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. Battle ropes are great for high intensity training, but they can be used just as productively at lower intensities that are more accessible.