When Will The Human Lifting Stop? Eddie Hall Incline Benches FOUR Women

Honestly, I thought the last article I wrote about Eddie Hall lifting humans was going to be the last of it, but fortunately for everyone I was wrong. 

Hall’s last video shared on his Facebook page shows him lifting more humans. Although, this time it’s not your normal two humans, it’s FOUR humans…with two on each side of the bar.

In the video, Hall casually incline benches four women on an extended bar for what looks like a pretty easy three reps. What may be the best part of the video, is the seven guys in the background who have completely stopped their workout to watch.

So not only did Hall lift four women, he also stopped everyone else’s workout and lifted 14 additional eyes.

So now let’s do the math, the four women (while I’m not assuming weights here) probably weight at least 100 lbs each. The bar itself is most likely 50-60 lbs (possibly more). Give or take a few pounds, we’re looking at an easy 450 lb incline bench at the least.

While that may not seem like a lot, relative to what we’ve seen Hall bench – such as the video of him benching 584 lbs for six reps. It’s impressive due to the women having to stabilize themselves while he lifts.

When someone has to stabilize themselves during a lift, it makes the movement increasingly more difficult. Not only do you have to lift the true weight of the bar; you have to then account for other’s balance and the extra energy expended stabilizing them.

Lately, it seems like humans lifting humans is all the rage. In fact, a lot of athletes continue to post videos of themselves doing it often – Bradley Martyn is one of the repeat offenders.

If you’re like us and you’re as mesmerized by the humans lifting humans videos – we highly recommend checking out 10 Crazy Impressive Videos of Humans Lifting Humans.

In my last article about Hall I closed with this sentence…

[y]ou have to wonder, where does he go next? Maybe a squat with four guys on one barbell?

Here I am stating that I stand corrected, but for real this time…what comes next?

Feature image from @eddiehallwsmlegend Facebook page.