Strongman Eddie Hall Bench Presses 584 Pounds for 6 Reps!

Eddie Hall is the world’s greatest strongman-style deadlifter (as evidenced by his record breaking 500kg pull this past July). Now, the British strongman — who made the podium for the first time at this year’s World’s Strongest Man competition in Botswana — is posting some epic lifts that don’t involve picking up heavy weight off the ground.

Recently, Hall took to Facebook to show off his bench pressing skills. With no spotter — something we’d never endorse with any amount of weight, of course — Hall takes 265kg/584 pounds for a ride. That’s six PAUSED reps in this set.

Would the pass in powerlifting competition? Probably not with that chest rebend/rebound. But are they damn impressive? Definitely.

Eddie Hall also bench presses people, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And it’s not like amazing bench pressing feats are anything new for Hall. Years ago, a much (much) lighter Hall bench pressed (equipped) an impressive 300kg, though we’re betting he could hit this or close to it raw these days.

Hall is focused primarily on strongman, so chances are we won’t see him entering an official powerlifting meet anytime soon.

However, some top strongmen — like Jerry Pritchett — have started to try their hands at powerlifting-style/standard lifts, sometimes to remarkable results.

Featured image: Eddie Hall on Facebook