Eddie Hall Would Rather Use Humans Than Walk Across the Gym for Dumbbells

Eddie Hall is famous in the strength sports world for many reasons. He’s an accomplished strongman competitor, a deadlift world record holder, and a human being lifter. Now you’re probably thinking…isn’t everyone who lifts…technically a human being lifter?


I mean Eddie Hall physically lifts humans for fun and reps on a regular basis.

And I would like to go out on a limb here and make the case for Hall being the best human being lifter around.

In Hall’s recent clip, he lifts two grown men while performing an incline press. Hall lifts the guys by grabbing weight belts around their waist and then taking them for a seven rep ride.

I think the most impressive part of the clip is that these are grown men — not little kids or even lighter looking people, but grown men. Now I’m not into guessing weights of other men, but I’m going to assume they’re over 150 lbs each.

The above press video adds to Hall’s series of him lifting humans. About a month ago, he performed an incline human barbell press for an easy eight reps. In this video the guys hang on and balance at each end of the bar.

Don’t get me wrong, Hall’s incline press is impressive, but let’s give some credit to the guys balancing at each end of the bar, that requires a ton of strength too.

When you’re lifting humans the weight itself isn’t always the issue; it’s the stability, strength, and balance of all parties involved. The lifters strength has to handle the weight, plus the instabilities of others, which makes these video all the more impressive. Hopefully Hall continues to post videos of him lifting other humans for our enjoyment.

Although, you have to wonder, where does he go next? Maybe a squat with four guys on one barbell, maybe a human being skull crush? Whatever it is, we’re going to be eagerly waiting.

Featured image: @eddie_hall_strong on Instagram