Brandon Hendrickson and Kyron Holden Squared Off at 2021 Men’s Physique Olympia Pre-Judging

Thirty-three men took the stage for Men's Physique pre-judging at the 2021 Mr. Olympia in Orlando.

Regarded as the “beach body” division, Men’s Physique competitors are judged on conditioning and sporting an athletic-looking body. Notably, competitors aren’t judged on their legs, and everyone on stage wears colorful board shorts. The division made its Olympia debut in 2013 and has seen four different champions. 

The defending champion this year is Brandon Hendrickson, who won the title in 2018, lost it in 2019 to Raymont Edmonds, and then regained the title in 2020. Edmonds and Hendrickson are expected to be the front-runners again in 2021 with perennial contender Andre Ferguson in tow.


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The 2021 Joe Wieder’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend takes place from Oct. 7-10 in Orlando, FL. Men’s Physique underwent its pre-judging round the morning of Oct. 9. Here’s the complete Men’s Physique pre-judging report:

Men’s Physique Pre-Judging

For the last three years, the title has been volleyed back and forth between Brandon Hendrickson and Raymont Edmonds. Hendrickson always comes in great shape, with a tight waist and dense muscle while Edmonds, who stands taller, is very wide and conditioned. Though he’s never won, Andre Ferguson is considered to always be in contention for a Men’s Physique title. 

After seven rounds of comparisons, it seems that Hendrickson and Kyron Holden are the definitive front-runners. 

Callout 1

  • Andrei Marius Lincan, #18
  • Raymont Edmonds, #10
  • Erin Banks, #2
  • Brandon Hendrickson, #33
  • Diogo Montenegro, #21 
  • Kyron Holden, #13
  • Carlos DeOliveira, #8
  • Andre Ferguson, #11

Callout 2

  • Riccardo Croci, #7
  • Rodrigue Chesnier, #5
  • Joseph Lee, #16
  • Arya Saffaie, #27
  • Suraqah Shabazz, #29
  • Charjo Grant, #12
  • Corey Montenegro, #22

Callout 3

  • Antoine McNeill, #19
  • George Brown, #4
  • Jahvair Mullings, #23
  • Nicolas Koeu, #15
  • Ismael Martinez Dominguez, #9
  • Bong Seok Choi, #6
  • Rodrigue Chesnier, #5
  • Daniel Ammons, #1

Callout 4

  • John Sarmiento, #28
  • Micah Thomas Jr., #30
  • Yukihiro Yuasa, #32
  • Clarence McSpadden Jr., #20
  • Jason Huynh, #14

Callout 5

  • Abisai Pietersz, #24
  • Ramses Rams, #26
  • Leonardo Vecchiato, #31
  • Khali Quartey,#25
  • Luca Biolo, #3
  • Junho Lee, #17

Callout 6

  • Andre Ferguson, #11
  • Andrei Marius Lincan, #18
  • Arya Saffaie, #27
  • Joseph Lee, #16

Callout 7

  • Andrei Marius Lincan, #18
  • Brandon Hendrickson, #33
  • Kyron Holden, #13
  • Diogo Montenegro, #21 
  • Raymont Edmonds, #10
  • Carlos DeOliveira, #8

2021 Olympia Results Thus Far

Cydney Gillon won her fifth consecutive Figure Olympia in 2021. Andrea Shaw followed suit and claimed her second consecutive Ms. Olympia title.  came into the 2021 Figure Olympia as a four-time champion and left with her fifth consecutive title. Although 2020 Ms. Olympia champion Andrea Shaw was tested against Helle Trevino, Shaw still emerged victorious to claim her second Ms. Olympia title. Sarah Villegas also returned to Orlando to snag her second consecutive Women’s Physique title.

Derek Lunsford took the 212 Division crown from Shaun Clarida. Whitney Jones reclaimed the Fitness Olympia championship from Missy Truscott. It is Jones’ third time winning the Fitness Olympia. Here are the results thus far:

Mr. Olympia prejudging seemed to immediately narrow down to a final two — 2020 Mr. Olympia Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay and 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry. There were some impressive physiques that stood out in the rest of the field though, specifically Nick Walker and Hadi Choopan, so the Finals on Saturday evening will be worth the watch.


What is Men's Physique?

Started in 2012, the Men’s Physique division is aimed at men who prefer less muscular bodies (compared to Men’s Open, Men’s 212, and Classic Physique) and strives to present a more athletic, conditioned package.

How is Men's Physique different than the other men's divisions?

There are two distinct differences between Men’s Physique and Men’s Open 212, and Classic Physique.

For one, competitors wear board shorts and are not judged on their leg muscles. The second distinction is posing. Men’s Physique competitors perform a series of quarter-turns and don’t perform poses like most muscular, front double biceps, and rear lat spread.

Who is the Men's Physique champion?

That would be Brandon Hendrickson, who won the title in 2018 and 2020. Men’s Physique has been at the Olympia since 2013. Here’s a list of every champion, from the Olympia’s website:

  • 2013: Mark Anthony Wingson
  • 2014-2017: Jeremy Buendia
  • 2018: Brandon Hendrickson
  • 2019: Raymont Edmonds
  • 2020: Brandon Hendrickson

2021 Olympia Schedule

Olympia Weekend runs from Oct. 7-10, with the pro competitions taking place on the eighth and ninth. The Mr. Olympia finals will wrap on Saturday. Here’s the complete competition schedule:

  • Friday, Sept. 8, 9:00 a.m. EST: Morning Pre-judging (Fitness, 212, Figure, Women’s Physique, Ms. O, Wellness)
  • Friday, Sept. 8, 7:00 p.m. EST: Evening Finals (212, Fitness, Figure, Women’s Physique, Ms. O, Mr. O Pre-juding)
  • Saturday, Sept. 9, 9:00 a.m. EST: Morning Pre-judging (Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Bikini, Wellness Finals, Wheelchair Finals)
  • Saturday, Sept. 9, 7:00 p.m. EST: Evening Finals (Mr. Olympia, Men’s Physique, Bikini, Classic Physique)

Featured Image: Will Wittmann (@w_wittmann on Instagram)