Bumstead and Queiroz — The Top Two Classic Physique Bodybuilders in the World Train Together

Chris Bumstead and Ramon Queiroz are rivals who train together.

There is little doubt that Chris Bumstead is the man to beat in the Classic Physique division. He’s the reigning four-time Olympia champion and somehow improves upon his dominant physique year after year.

In 2022, the bodybuilder closest to snagging the Olympia crown from Bumstead was runner-up Ramon Queiroz. The two met head-to-head in the final callout before Bumstead was awarded a successful title defense. Queiroz won the 2023 Arnold Classic three months later in Columbus, OH — a contest absent Bumstead — to remain the Canadian phenom’s number-one contender.

However, despite their rivalry, Bumstead and Queiroz find more value in training together than training separately. On March 13, 2023, the duo performed a back workout together that was published on Bumstead’s YouTube channel. Check it out below:

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Bumstead and Queiroz made mutual appearances on the same Prime Time Muscle: Brazil show. Since they were in the same place at the same time outside the Olympia contest, they took advantage by pushing each other in the gym. After a pre-workout meal of tacos, they two bodybuilders hit the iron paradise.

Bumstead and Queiroz’s Back Workout

Narrow-grip lat pulldowns comprised the warm-up. Bumstead and Queiroz worked in on the same machine, resting while the other worked. The weight wasn’t specifically disclosed, but most of the weight in the stack was moving.

Both bodybuilders appeared to work to failure each set, and four sets were shown on camera. Bent-over barbell rows were the following movement, emphasizing the squeeze at the fully contracted position.

Their third movement was machine lat pulldowns. While they performed a pulldown to start the workout, the difference between the narrow grip and wide grip offered enough variance to the line of pull that it doesn’t double up on the same muscle fibers.

Seated machine rows with a neutral grip was the fourth exercise, and it targeted the mid-back. Both Bumstead and Queiroz allowed their backs to round at full extension to get a stretch across their lats before pulling their elbows as far back as possible to shorten their lats as much as they could. They doubled down on this range of motion with seated cable rows again with a neutral grip.

The closing exercise was straight-arm pulldowns with a rope attachment to train the lats in the lengthened position.

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Featured image: @cbum on Instagram