How Does Dana Linn Bailey Diet to Get Shredded?

The former Women's Physique Olympia champion dials in her abs via an approximate 1,500 calories per day.

Controlling one’s diet by manipulating calories into a deficit to lose fat and reveal the hard-earned muscle underneath is critical for bodybuilders and their aesthetics. If the body fat percentage is too high, the conditioning won’t be up to snuff, and the visuals on stage will be weakened even in the muscle mass on one’s frame. 

On March 10, 2023, former Women’s Physique Olympia champion Dana Linn Bailey took to her YouTube channel to share how she diets to get shredded — meaning lean enough to show off the separation between muscles. Check it out below:

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Typically, Bailey doesn’t eat her first meal until 1 p.m. The exception to that is when she trains before that first meal, in which case, she drinks her calories in the form of a Chobani Complete — a yogurt-based drink that has a high protein content (20 grams) against its overall calories (170).
Bailey’s first of three daily meals featured two ounces of ground beef — 93% lean — onions, egg whites, and cream of wheat. She tops it with sugar-free maple syrup and sliced banana. It totaled 440 calories. 
Meal two was “bland,” in Bailey’s opinion, but helps her get the macros needed to maintain her cut. It consisted of five ounces of ground chicken and one cup of white rice topped with Japanese hot and spicy barbecue sauce.

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Dana Linn Bailey’s Daily Macros

Bailey’s last meal is the largest calorie-wise of the day —587 calories. Her daily macro breakdown is as follows:

  • Fat — 26 grams
  • Carbs — 191 grams
  • Protein — 129 grams 
  • Calories — 1,514 calories
    • 234 from fat
    • 764 from carbs
    • 516 from protein

Part of what makes Bailey’s diet successful is her ability to maintain it without having to put too much thought into it. She doesn’t feel like she is restricted in her intake or longing for more food. If anything, she presented as though she was eating more than she would have otherwise preferred.

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Featured image: @danalinnbailey on Instagram