Strongman Eddie Hall Hangs Out With His Childhood Hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Eddie Hall and Arnold Schwarzenegger have an epic training session together.

Strongman Eddie Hall could hardly contain his excitement before heading to a gym session with bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since Hall was a kid, he had always looked up to Schwarzenegger, so getting a call from the strength legend to get in a workout? A dream come true.

“He’s genuinely one of my childhood heroes,” Hall, winner of the Worlds Strongest Man in 2017 said at 3:09 in the video.

Before we dive into the gym session, the context here is that Hall and Schwarzenegger met up in Wales to spend some time together and talk business. Hall explained later in the video (2:40) that he can’t disclose too much right now, but in the upcoming weeks it will become more public as to what the business venture between the two strength icons will be.

“You did exactly 128 reps!” Schwarzenegger said with an eye roll to Hall after the two wrapped up an overhead press workout in Schwarzenegger’s hotel gym in Wales. While there wasn’t much video clipped from the workout, this high rep training is something we’re not surprised to see Schwarzenegger taking Hall through. In a video with Men’s Health last week, Schwarzenegger shared that he likes to train lower weight and high reps.

The rest of the day included a trip to Birmingham to attend a live show of An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger. After the show it really hit Hall just how much this entire day meant to him. 

“I’ve had an amazing day today. I’ve literally spent the whole day with Arnold. Met him last night for a beer, spent the whole day with him, trained with him, had breakfast with him, smoked a cigar with him,” Hall said at 16:18. Even Schwarzenegger gave Hall a shoutout on his Instagram page!

My good friend [Eddie Hall], the strongest man in the world, was over the moon to meet you, [Sly Stallone]. Why does he make us look like little chickens?

We think the kicker was at the very end when Hall said at 17:16, “I never thought when I was seven years old, watching Terminator 2, watching Arnold walk into that bar for the first time butt naked, kicking the sh*t out of 20 outlaws, riding off on a new motorbike, that I’d be sat having breakfast, smoking a cigar with that guy, in I don’t know how many years? 24 years later. That’s pretty incredible really, a childhood dream come true.” 

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see what these two strength legends have up their sleeves. 

Featured image from Eddie Hall’s YouTube channel.