Throwback to When Arnold Schwarzenegger Worked at Gold’s Gym

The Arnold Classic is roughly three weeks away. This year the festivities are kicking off March 2-5th in Columbus, Ohio (similar to previous years). The Arnold is one of the biggest strength expos of the year, and is a time when athletes from all walks of sport come together to celebrate the art of strength.

I felt it was only fitting to resurface the epic video of Arnold himself working at (not working out at) Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. If you’ve never seen it…you’re in for a Thursday treat and 2-minutes well spent. The video was originally published in 2014 and is awesome for two reasons.

First, it was made in an attempt to raise money for the After-School All-Stars program, which are programs designed to educate and keep kids safe after school. Second, Arnold – or Howard as he goes in the video – is hilarious, and watching the genuine confusion of gym patrons he approaches is simply amazing.

I think every strength athlete who’s lifted in a big commercial gym before can somewhat relate to “Howard’s” persona and approach to “helping”. Whether it was an employee approaching you to tell you to stop doing something (insert gyms and deadlifting), to ask a question, or give advice, we’ve all probably experienced a little Howard in our life.

Best quote of the video, Gold’s member says, “You look so familiar.” Schwarzenegger, I mean Howard, responds with, “Maybe you saw me on the FBI’s most wanted list.”

Personally, I think the best part of the video is right at a minute when he’s making the Gold’s Gym member continually drink water for reps. He makes her take a total of 10-reps and she has no problem doing so, nor does she realize who Howard is.

The video above wasn’t shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s page, but it’s still a great clip as he takes a female patron through a few glute exercises.

Regardless if these videos are old news to you or not, I think they’re definitely worth a re-watch. If you have seen them, share them with a gym friend who needs a Thursday pick-me-up.

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Feature image screenshot from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s YouTube Channel.