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Train Station

Fitness on Lockdown: 9 Days and Counting in France

It’s Day 7 of being quarantined in France: There I was executing my normal morning routine in the living room—some handstand push-ups, and then a conditioning piece with burpees and jumping squats on

Squat Stance Differences

Stability Vs Strength: Why Language Matters

How can I fix the hip shift while squatting? What about my shaky lockout in the overhead press? I can’t keep my shoulders retracted while benching. What do I do? If you’ve been

Ultimate Push-Up Guide

5 Ways to Cope With Missing Your Workout Buddy

Even if you’re not concerned at all about personally catching COVID-19, limiting your travel and people time can be a really important way to protect folks who are immunocompromised and more susceptible to

Metal dumbbells

Managing Strength Training Through Menopause

“We don’t quit playing because we age, we age because we quit playing.” – George Bernard Shaw A beautiful quote indeed, but tell that to a woman going through perimenopause or menopause, and