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7 Stretches That Can Help Your Posture

When your commute has been about the length of your bedroom to the couch for the past six months, posture can take a big hit from sitting all day. It can cause hips

3 Overrated Lifts You Should Do Less Of

For a long time, I deadlifted Sumo and thought deadlifting with a trap bar was cheating. It didn’t matter to me about the benefits of pulling with a trap bar.  Even when well-known


The 3 Best Exercises To Build Your Forearms

When you’re training grip intensive exercises like chin-ups, deadlifts, rowing, or carry variations, you will often feel your forearms burning. It’s usually the first muscle group to fatigue before the targeted muscle group

5 Things Mentally Strong Lifters Avoid

Mental strength can be recognized in a lot of different ways. Sometimes, mental strength is grinding through that final rep, refusing to give up halfway. Other times, it is knowing when not to