Find Out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Thoughts on CrossFit

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger show off his fridge, gym, and answer rapid fire questions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s diet has been of interest since his pie eating Mr. Olympia days. Now, a couple months away from hitting the big screens as The Terminator, Schwarzenegger showed off his fridge and home gym to Men’s Health. 

In the video, Schwarzenegger took us through how he makes his protein shake, powered through a quick pump session, and then of course laid out some thoughts on hot topics like CrossFit, and who he would workout with if he could pick anyone in the world. 

Now, before we dive into what Schwarzenegger actually thinks about CrossFit, we have to discuss this protein shake situation from the video. 

Schwarzenegger follows a primarily plant based diet, however definitely doesn’t shy away from eggs. In his protein shake that he blended up in the video, he included almond milk, cherry juice, one banana, and one whole egg (shell and everything!!). You can watch him make the protein shake at the 1:00 minute mark.

“This drink literally you could serve at any bar, or health bar. I sometimes put in the schnapps, or the tequila — it just gives it extra flavor.”

After the shake, Schwarzenegger talked about how his diet is focused around foods like oatmeal, greens, and vegetables. For the most part he tries to stay away from meat and animal proteins, however, his favorite thing to cook is steak. Following the fridge tour, Men’s Health went with him to the gym where he talked about his current training routine which is an everyday thing from 7-7:45 a.m. at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. 

“I do lighter weights and more reps,” he said at 6:09. And on the topic of working out, Men’s Health then hit him with some rapid fire questions and started off with asking what he thinks about CrossFit.

“I think it’s good, done the right way,” he said.

So, Schwarzenegger is a fan of CrossFit, if it is done correctly. The video doesn’t dive any deeper into what Schwarzenegger believes is the right way of doing CrossFit, but hopefully more on this soon. 

Another highlight of the rapid fire questions section was when Schwarzenegger said if he could workout with anyone it would be German bodybuilder and strongman Eugen Sandow.

“He is one of my idols. First bodybuilder that also was a strongman. I think he was a remarkable human being, and a remarkable strongman, and athlete,” Schwarzenegger said.

At this point of the video, all we wish for is that a CrossFit workout between Schwarzenegger and Sandow could have been a thing, but for now, we’re just excited to see Schwarzenegger appear once again as the Terminator this November! 

Featured image from Men’s Health YouTube channel.