Eddie Hall Is Losing Almost 2 Pounds Per Week — Will He Do Bodybuilding?

Eddie Hall is in the middle of some aggressive fat loss but then again, how else would Eddie Hall lose weight?

The man famous for his iron will and his still unbroken 500-kilogram deadlift world record has been shedding body fat like nobody’s business and the rate at which he’s been losing weight has really accelerated over the summer.

Here’s his latest photo weighing 164 kilograms, or 361.5 pounds. This is over 70 pounds, or more than 31 kilos lighter than when he won the World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

Today i weighed 164kg / 26 stone / 361lbs Meaning iv lost 32kg / 5 stone / 70 lbs since I won the worlds strongest man 2017. Working my bollox off to succeed on another mission. By next goal is another huge one and I’m attacking it like I did with strongman il let you all know soon enough what it is.

To get a better idea of how fast he’s losing weight — and BarBend is your place for investigative Eddie Hall journalism — he weighed 172 kilograms (379.2 pounds) in posts he made on June 24 and on July 21, on September 13 he was 170 kilograms (374.5lb)…

… and on September 27 he was 169.5 kilograms, when he gave us some insight into his training.

Been training really hard recently and I’m mega fired and hungry for success… Doing 5 cardio sessions a week including boxing, cycling, swimming, and HIIT land training. On top of 4 x weight sessions.

[Eddie Hall discusses his exact swimming workout in our interview with him here!]

For some context, this is the man when he was weighing 425 pounds and his heaviest was 433 pounds, which he says “I wouldn’t wish that torture upon anyone.”

So this guy was 172 kilos at the end of July and now he’s 164 kilos, which means in about two and a half months he lost 8 kilos, or almost 18 pounds. That’s almost two pounds per week, which we’d consider pretty aggressive fat loss — particulary when you see how much muscle he’s maintaining. (Check the size of his damn shoulders.)

Hall is being a little coy about his next goal, which he said “is another huge one and I’m attacking it like I did with strongman,” but a lot of people are thinking it might be bodybuilding. There’s reason to believe that too.

He mentioned in a controversial interview earlier this year and in the very good 2017 documentary Born Strong that after strongman, he was interested in mastering another sport like “bodybuilding or fighting.” When she heard this sitting next to him, his wife burst into tears and begged him to “just be normal.”

We’re just guessing here, but it doesn’t look like Eddie Hall will be normal any time soon.

Featured image via @eddiehallwsm on Instagram.