18 Year Old Harrison Maurus Front Squats a Huge 240kg (529 lbs)

When it comes to crazy squat strength, -85kg weightlifting athlete Harrison Maurus continues to blow our minds. It seems like every time we check Maurus’ Instagram page he’s posting about a new incredible strength feat in one of his videos.

And now, let’s also take a moment to consider the fact that Maurus was squatting 100kg at the age 11, 150kg when he was 12, and 200kg at 13. When you take all of this into account, mix in the consistency and effort Maurus puts into the gym with the coaching of Kevin Simons, and we’re due to witness some incredible squats as he continues to fill out his frame and grow.

In his latest video, 18 year old Haurus hits his best front squat to date, which comes in at a massive 240kg (529 lbs), and for what it’s worth — it was pretty dang smooth for a PR. Check out the video below.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written on Maurus front squatting big weight. Let’s circle back to late January to the time Maurus casually front squatted 200kg (440 lb) for an easy nine reps.

And while we’re on the topic of big squats, in late April, we wrote on Maurus hitting a huge back squat PR. In Maurus’ back squat video below, he hits a strong 275kg (605 lb) PR. This isn’t too incredibly far off of his 2018 300kg (660 lb) back squat goalthat  he jokingly made in an interview with Barbell Shrugged after the 2017 IWF World Championships.

Maurus has been relatively quiet on social media since the 2018 Senior Pan Am Weightlifting Championships back in Mid-May. The Pan Ams were a big deal for Maurus because they were his first international competition at -85kg. At this competition, Maurus hit a 156kg snatch, a 199kg clean & jerk (Pan Am Junior Record), and totaled 355kg.

As the year progresses, we’re pumped to see if Maurus can accomplish his 300kg (660 lb) back squat, along with the numbers he hits as he fills out an -85kg frame.

Feature image from @harrison_maurus Instagram page.