Harrison Maurus Front Squats 200kg for a Strong 9 Reps

Weightlifter Harrison Maurus has been hitting multiple PRs since the 2017 IWF World Championships. His latest Instagram video highlights possibly the biggest front squat set we’ve seen yet from the young weightlifter, and it came after two sets of heavy clean doubles.

In his his latest video’s description Maurus writes, “Pretty good day today. I did 2 sets of 180 C doubles. Then I decided to find out how many FS I could do at 200. I hit 9 reps!” Check it out below.


About two weeks ago, Maurus and his coach Kevin Simons did an interview with Barbell Shrugged where they talked about Maurus’ current training plan. Simons pointed out that Maurus will be in a hypertrophy block for the next couple months, as he has aspirations to move up a weight class to 85kg.

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In the interview, they also mention that Maurus will most likely compete at 85kg for Youth Worlds in May. And stemming from that mention of most likely moving up to the 85kg weight class, on January 13th Maurus shared a big clean & jerk double and back squat PR video where he points out his current weight.

In the video’s description below he writes, “PR Saturday! 190 double CJ PR! 5kgs over my previous best. BS 5 at 240 for a PR as well. Weighed 81kgs this morning. Still have some weight to put on!”


We don’t know Maurus’ exact current weight at the moment, but we’re guessing it’s somewhere in the low 80s, as only two weeks ago he pointed he was sitting around 81kg. It’s going to be exciting to see what feats Maurus can continue to accomplish with a little more weight on his frame.

Feature image screenshot from @harrison_maurus Instagram page.