Harrison Maurus Puts Up Big Numbers In First International Competition At 85kg

The 2018 Senior Pan American Weightlifting Championships are currently taking place in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Championships kicked off on the 12th and run through the 18th, so if you’re interested in watching the live stream, then time is running out.

Check out the 2018 Senior Pan Am Weighlifting Championships here

Today, five of USA Weightlifting’s athletes are competing, and the 85kg competition recently concluded. Jordan Cantrell and Harrison Maurus took the platform at 10 AM this morning and Maurus concluded his first international performance putting up some big numbers.

Ever since Maurus announced his switch to the 85kg weight class after the 2017 IWF World Championships, fans and athletes alike have been waiting to see how he would do on an international stage. Maurus was a dominant force in the 77kg weight class and holds two Senior and Junior American Records in the clean & jerk (193kg) and total (348kg).

At this year’s Pan Am Championships, Maurus ended up finishing in fifth with some notable performance takeaways. First, he weighed in light at 82.4kg, and has plenty of room yet for growth. Second, he hit a PR competition snatch of 156kg. Third, he hit a 199kg clean & jerk (Pan Am Junior Recod), then took a swing at the current Senior American clean & jerk record on his third attempt, but closely missed. Lastly, he hit a total PR of 355kg.


Maurus’ third attempt clean & jerk was a weight of 204kg, which would have edged out Kendrick Farris’ clean & jerk of 203kg from back in 2010. His attempt wasn’t too far off, so we’re guessing he’ll accomplish this feat in the near future.

In Mid-February, Maurus became the youngest American weightlifter to clean & jerk 200kg, and a week earlier of this accomplishment he PR’d his clean at 205kg.

Jordan Cantrell ended up going 3/6 on the day hitting a second attempt 151kg snatch, then a 182kg opening clean & jerk and a 187kg third. These two lifts earned him a 338kg total.

Also, if you’ve missed the previous action at this year’s Championships, I’ve embedded our coverage thus far below!

Feature image from @harrison_maurus Instagram page.