Harrison Maurus PRs His Clean At 205 Kilograms

It was just last week when Harrison Maurus, who currently weighs around 81 kilograms, hit a personal record in his clean with 200 kilograms (441 pounds). At the time, that was 5 kilograms heavier than the best clean we’d seen from him, a 195kg lift from November last year.

Just one week after the 200kg PR — one week later — the 17-year-old uploaded the following clip to his Instagram of a double of 200 kilograms and a single of 205 kilograms (452 pounds). This guy is unstoppable.


Is it just us, or did the 205kg look a lot easier than the reps of 200kg?

He posted with the caption,

Guess I posted too early! 200 Clean double and a 205 Clean single!

The “posted too early” comment is a reference to another PR that he hit that same training session, a power clean of 180 kilograms (397 pounds), which we embedded below.


One of the reasons Maurus is hitting so many personal bests is that he recently made the decision to move up a weight class, from -77kg to -85kg. So he’s not technically breaking his old youth world records — he’s establishing new ones at his new weight class.

But even though he’s gaining weight, it’s still astonishing how quickly he’s racking up new records. In January alone he made a 9-rep front squat PR of 200kg (441lb), a 5-rep back squat PR of 240kg (529lb), a new clean & jerk triple PR of 185kg (407.8lb), and the clean & jerk double PR of 190 kilograms (418.9lb) that you can watch below.


[Relive Maurus’ history-making youth world record clean & jerk of 193 kilograms here.]

And as he continues gaining weight, we can expect a lot more serious PRs like this one. His next competition is coming up fast — he’s on the start list for the Junior Nationals next week — and we can’t wait to see what he puts up.

Featured image via @harrison_maurus on Instagram.