Watch Kevin Hart Learn Strongman and Pull a Car With Martins Licis

Since we first heard of Kevin Hart’s YouTube series What the Fit, we were hoping we’d have an excuse to write about one of Hollywood’s biggest personalities conquering the world of fitness. Thus far it’s been pretty slim pickings as far as strength sports go — he’s done sumo wrestling with Conan O’Brien, goat yoga with Khloe Kardashian, bad infomercial products with Bill Hader — but in the latest episode, we couldn’t have asked for a better episode on strength.

Today, he did strongman with Martins Licis.

The twenty-seven-year-old Licis is currently ranked the fourth strongest man on Earth (according to last year’s World’s Strongest Man competition) and he joined Hart with YouTube personalities Rhett and Link, along with fellow athlete and Mas wrestler Shawn Matheny, to take them through some of the best known strongman exercises. All of this happens after Hart hijacks a bus full of tourists so he has some spectators; the action starts at the 4-minute mark.

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One thing that’s cool about Licis running the amateurs through the stone lift, tire flip, yoke walk, and truck pull is that the charismatic Licis offers some good advice for beginners.

The Atlas stone: spread your fingers, lift it up to your lap, sit down with it, drive your hips right into it, rolle the stone up to your shoulder. (Hart eventually managed to lift a 100 pound stone, after which he victoriously humped it.)

The tire flip: drive the hips forward as the torso rises, push into the tire and flip it over. (Hart warmed up by again sexualizing the piece of workout equipment, spanking it and calling it his bitch. It appeared to have worked, as he eventually — with a little assistance — flipped the 900-pound beast.)

This was followed up by a tug of war between a few of the tourists before Hart tried his hand at the yoke walk. The empty yoke weighed 200 pounds (Licis has carried a 1,550-pound one in the past) but the actor, in one of the funniest parts of the clip, cackled as he ran around the park with the yoke saying “I’m one of the strongest men in the world!” (This post below wrote the wrong quote, but we’re including it anyway because it looks great.)

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It ends with a competitive vehicle pull, with Matheny pulling the bus as Hart pulled an appropriately much smaller car. Hart wins, yelling “suck it, strongman!” and flipping the bird as he heaves past the finish line.

In conclusion, this was a pretty awesome moment in strongman history, with one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood showing the sport to a larger audience. For our part, though, we just can’t wait to see Licis compete at World’s Strongest Man next month.

Featured image via LOL Network on YouTube.