Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart Work Out at CrossFit Horsepower

Sure, there were plenty of wardrobe jabs, and Kevin Hart looks like he’s working out in a “tuxedo from the year 3015.” And yes, Conan O’Brien tried to double-up on sponsorship money with a “Nike up here, Reebok own here, getting paid twice!” outfit. But between all verbal jabs and occasional height jokes, O’Brien (53) and Hart (37) managed to get in a decent workout at CrossFit Horsepower in Studio City, California.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jen Widerstrom was there to keep them honest, and she looked just slightly more at home in the local CrossFit box.

We actually wish the video had been O’Brien and Hart taking a beginner’s class with normal folks and learning some fundamental movements, but when it comes to watching celebrities working out, this is what we’ll settle for today.

Widerstrom led O’Brien (who Hart says looks like a “skinny bean bag”) through a few different circuits consisting of slam balls, partner sit-ups with a wallball, and boxing drills. The comedians also hit some pull-ups, and Hart surprises use with some pretty effortless looking (and strict!) bar muscle-ups (unfortunately, neither took a legit shot at the rings).

It’s worth noting this isn’t O’Brien’s first foray into fitness on one of his shows. He’s gone toe-to-toe with First Lady Michelle Obama and “Wolverine” actor Hugh Jackman in push-up contests before; let’s just say he doesn’t always come out on top in those.

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